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Need an Aluminum Z Clip, Panel Clip, Panel Hanger, or Z Bar or Z Rail for Your Next Project?

Eagle Mouldings supplies a wide variety of superior custom aluminum extruded products. These aluminum extrusions include an entire line of custom aluminum Z clips. Called by many names including Z Clip, Z clips, Z-Clip, Z-clips, Panel Z Clip, Panel Z clips, Panel Z-Clip, Panel Z-Clips, Panel Clip, Panel Clips, Panel-Clip, Panel-Clips, Panel Hanger, Panel hangers, Z Bar, Z Bars, Z-Bar, Z-Bars, French Cleat, French Cleats, Hanger Clip, Hanger clips, Hanger-Clip, Hanger-Clips, Hanging Clip, Hanging Clips ,Wall Clip, Wall Clips, Mounting Clip, Mounting Clips , Mounting Hardware, Wall Hardware, Wall Mounting Hardware, Cabinet Hanger, Cabinet Hangers, Wall Panel Clip, Wall Panel Clips ,Wall Panel Hanger, Wall Panel Hangers, Acoustical Panel Clip, Acoustical Panel Clips , Acoustical Panel Hanger, Acoustical panel Hangers, Z Rails, Z-Rails. For over 20 years, we’ve provided the general public and professionals in numerous industries with top-notch products and customer service. No matter where you’re located in North America, we’ll ship to you from our central offices in Minnesota. With industry expertise an inclusive inventory, affordable rates, and dedication to quality, we’re fully confident in our ability to fulfill your requirements and expectations.

Z Clips Chosen by Professionals
Since our company’s inception almost 25 years ago, we’ve supplied specialty custom and OEM extrusions to specialists in a variety of industries with quality products, be it Z Clips, panel clips or Z bars. Engineers, contractors, designers, architects, project managers and a number of other types of customers frequently rely on us for quality custom and OEM extrusions and services.

The Uses of Z Clips
Z-clips are functional both at home and on the job, making them especially helpful for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Our specially engineered aluminum Eagle-Clip Z-clip provides a quick and simplistic solution to securing everything from cabinets and signage, to panels and shelves, to artwork and picture frames. Regardless of whether you’re redecorating your home or office, or completing on-the-job remodeling, Z clips can be used to hang a multitude of wall applications.

Available Z Clip Products
Our entire line of aluminum Z clip, panel clip, Panel hanger, and Z bar stock are engineered and temper hardened for maximum strength and holding power. Our Z Clip product line consists of the Eagle Z-clip, cleated bar or cleated rail, smooth bar or smooth rail, and aluminum Z bar. Whether you’re looking for a 3/8 lift off, 5/8 lift off, 1-1/2″ wide, 2″ wide, 3″ wide, 1/4″ standoff or 3/16″ standoff, cleated or smooth, standard, custom or special order, Eagle Mouldings is ready to help you find the exact solution that fits your need.


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