Aluminum Flat Bars adds just the right contrast to Commercial Millwork Designs

Commercial construction encourages innovative architectural designs to help business reflect a feeling or vision to visitors, employees, and potential clients. During the planning and building processes, there are often components that are irregular, or unique, which designers want attention to be drawn to and will demand closer creative consideration. Utilizing aluminum flat bar alongside or in contract to architectural millwork is an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Unique Designs

For almost three decades, Eagle Mouldings has been supplying various premium aluminum products, including anodized, polished or brushed aluminum flat bar and many other numerous aluminum extrusions to a wide range of industries, including architectural millwork, store fixture and store display companies to name only a few. All our aluminum trims and extrusion can be custom finished to match you specific design or to support your existing look.

Finding the perfectly designed aluminum extrusion to install in a project requires an extensive understanding and expertise in the combined areas of interior design and architectural design. At Eagle Mouldings, we offer a wide selection of over ten thousand combined shapes, finishes and anodized colors which can be selected from to match a building’s individual personality and decor. Our professional customer service team is eager to help and can assist you in the selection process to help you make a more informed decision. Understanding the many options available to you and how these options are most appropriate for a certain design or industry is beneficial and can be cost effective.

Not all companies provide the breath or the in-stock selection of extruded aluminum flat bars that Eagle Mouldings offers. Eagle Mouldings is confident it has the capacity, selection, expertise, and proven track record to ensure you will find what you need and succeed with your next commercial project.

Aluminum Flat Bar: Uses and Benefits

In addition to retail, commercial, educational and governmental buildings, our aluminum extrusions are utilized in the RV and trailer, marine, transportation, docks and lifts, fence and railing, woodworking, acoustical panel industries and more.

Using an aluminum flat bars to strengthen the overall rigidity of a structure is advantageous. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it ideal for applications where you need to utilize strength with light parts. Trust Eagle Mouldings to provide you with the best aluminum extrusions available in the industry.

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