Aluminum Square Tubing – Convenient and Durable Material for Any Application

When you need reliable strength and weldability for your project, aluminum square tubing is a great material to utilize. Square tubing can be found and used in many everyday projects and objects due to its versatility. At Eagle Mouldings, we carry a wide range of square tubing in a variety of sizes and wall thicknesses to meet the needs of your applications.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Square Tubing

Aluminum square tubing is extruded from a square shape cut into a die. Aluminum is an extremely light weight metal that weighs about 1/3 of steel, making it great for applications in the automobile and marine industries. Aluminum is also easy to bend and its strength can be adapted to your project by easily modifying the composition of its alloys. This type of metal also generates its own oxide coating that serves to protect the metal from corrosion and rust.

Additionally, aluminum is also very easy to weld and has beneficial ductile properties. This type of metal is also impermeable and is non-toxic, releasing no odor, making aluminum perfect for applications in conveying air, water, and oil, as well as hydraulic fluids.

In addition to having many sought after mechanical properties, aluminum square tubing offers a versatile aesthetic appeal. With these qualities, square tubing is commonly used in a wide range of applications for manufacturing and fabrication, especially in structural applications that are featured in and outdoors, such as hand railings or trim on a buildings, store fronts as well as framework for awnings and doors and windows.

With a dense structure and smooth finish, this type of tubing is also ideal for outdoor structural applications

Variety of Finishes to Bring It All Together

With extensive experience in providing standard and custom aluminum extrusions, we always strive to provide the highest quality products offered in the industry. Finish and color of the square tubing is important, especially for architectural and store fixture or display applications. We offer extruded aluminum tubing in the standard mill finish or in anodized or powder coated finishes to match almost any color scheme in your project. See Eagle Mouldings for your next project. Visit us at

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