Applications for Aluminum Corner Guards

Since 1989, Eagle Mouldings has been manufacturing, warehousing, and supplying custom aluminum trims, extrusions for the Architectural millwork, store fixture and display, restraunt furnishings and environments as well as emergency vehicle manufacturing industries. With over 10,000 styles of high quality aluminum extrusions and finishes available, including corner guards and kick plates to choose from—our customers can count on us to provide expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery.

Commercial and Industrial Workplaces
When it comes to industrial work environments it is important to protect walls and corners from damage. Designed and constructed to withstand bumps against walls and corners—Aluminum corner guards and kick plates serve a very important purpose in facilities such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, warehouses, and supermarkets.

Protect your walls, corners, and important pieces of equipment from damage. If you invest in corner guards, your work environment will be safer and more visually pleasing. While corner guards may seem to be a small and insignificant addition, they will actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

Other Corner Guard Applications
Corner Guards can be used in a variety of industries outside of the industrial environments they are typically found in. Any setting where heavy equipment is moved around on a regular basis would be safer and more secure if you used corner guards and kick plates to prevent damage on walls, doors and corners. Fork truck drivers and warehouse professionals are good examples of professions that would appreciate having corner guards to protect corners on loading docks and warehouses

Residential applications are also popular. Many of our customers choose to use guards in residential settings if the walls and corners are made from drywall or plaster. Anywhere you find exposed corners, you can be sure that corner guards will serve an important function and protect the aesthetics of your home.

You can rely on Eagle Mouldings to provide quality aluminum corner guards and kick plates for walls, doors and corners to protect your various surfaces from damage.

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