Don’t forget to include corner guards in your project

In any home improvement project it is important to include corner guards into the final designs. These stainless steel sheets are designed to reduce the damage which can devalue new projects. In offices, chairs with wheels can often catch on the side wall and create marks and even dent the wall, so using a guard is a cheap and effective way to prevent this.

Choosing a strong material for the corner guard is an investment worth making

When looking for the right kind of guard to buy, it is important to remember that over time, these panels will have to withstand high levels of impact, and certain materials will not protect the wall completely. Some companies make their corner guards from materials such as Lexan, a polycarbonate material that is used on cars due to the almost unyielding structure of the material. A decent manufacturer will offer quality material that can extend the life of the wall and the guard protecting it

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