How nosing helps protect surfaces

Nosing is an important and under-stated part of any office or home, as it protects without ruining the look of the wall, floor or surface that has been put in place. Facing sits over the top of the corners, sides or simply the edge where the most contact will occur and prevents wear, tear and slipping. 

Stair nosing and other types used commonly in the workplace

On a normal setup, nosing would be made of strong materials that can absorb impact better than the material it is protecting. Types of nosing include bar-faced, groove-faced and plain, as well as many other types depending on the use. Stair nosing is also very popular as it protects the surface of the steps as well as providing extra non-slip coverage to make the stairs much safer for foot traffic. Some stair nosing has an extra lip to provide more security, or a ridged surface to make it harder wearing.

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