Panel-Clips Don’t Leave You Hanging

When you’re working on a big construction or remodeling job, time is money. You need to use every advantage you can get to save time as long as it still allows you to do the kind of high quality work that your reputation was built on. This is where a great invention like panel-clips come in—they help you save time and still do top quality work that you can stand behind with confidence.

The Problem

When hanging big wood panels, partitions or other decorative pieces, nobody wants to see screws or nails on the face of the finished product. Even if face-nailing is an option, it takes up valuable time on the job site. Further, once you nail something to a wall, it’s very troublesome to remove.

The Solution

Panel-clips, also known as Z-clips, can solve the problem. These clips allow you to do your prep work away from the job site, whenever you have the time, so that on the job all you have to do is hang the panels. The clips are concealed on the wall and the back of the panels, so nobody sees them on the finished product.

How Panel-Clips Work

The idea behind Z clips is kind of similar to the idea behind a hanger and a nail for a painting. You put one clip on the back of the wall panel, acoustical panel, frame, partition or whatever you want to hang on the wall, then you mount another clip to the wall in an opposite position. The two clips lock into place when you slide them together. The great time-saving advantage of this is that you can pre-attach the clips to the panels before you ever get to the job site, so all you have to do is attach some clips to the wall and pop the panels in place when you get there. This can cut down your installation time for most projects by 50 percent or more.

Another advantage is that you can remove the panels (or whatever else you mounted to the wall) just as easily, without tearing up the wall. Panel-clips are easy to install, inexpensive and tough.

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