Top Quality Slatwall Systems

Slatwall systems are deemed one of the most economical and well-designed retail merchandising systems and are useful in just about any industry. They are very versatile and can be used in hanging wall panel display systems to floor displays or stand-alone Kiosk units. Eagle Mouldings’ custom designed slatwall panels and slat wall inserts are used worldwide to enrich a retail space as well as commercial offices and garages. Our Slatwall systems help bring attention to products or other elements of your business.

Arranging merchandise in an attractive and effective manner not only makes your retail space look appealing, but it can help improve sales and maximize the real estate you have available. Additionally, slatwall systems can be an economical way to help in marketing your high-end merchandise to your customer base.

A Focus on Design

The right slatwall system can be designed in an eye-catching way so your merchandise is readily available to customers with the best possible visibility. High margin products sell better and faster when they are displayed at eye level, slatwall systems can assist with this.

The flexibility of slatwall allows you to rearrange your display layout whenever you feel you need a fresh look. This makes your display possibilities virtually endless and allows you to be creative with your selling techniques.

Inventory Control

Slatwall systems allow you to change up your displays as you please whether it’s based on inventory changes or the seasonality of your business. Slatwall systems are designed to help you sell product, cater to your business’ unique needs and are built to last.


This system is a wonderful way to turn any wall or floor space into a finished, organized selling space. You can mix and match panels to create an organizational system that displays various products for your business, retail store or trade show. It’s amazing how versatile this product is.

At Eagle Mouldings, we can help you configure the slatwall storage option that’s right for you. With a wide range of slatwall insert sizes, shapes, and styles, you have unlimited ways to create a reality from your creativity in the store fixture and display business.

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