Why Use Aluminum Tubing Connectors

Aluminum tubing is a popular material for building store fixtures and store displays as well as exhibit booths and hot aisle containment systems. Eagle Mouldings has been manufacturing and supplying anodized aluminum tubing along with tubing connectors to its customers since 1989.

The lightweight, durability, and flexibility of aluminum make it the perfect material for framing projects. At Eagle Mouldings, we provide aluminum tubing connectors that give our customers one of the most versatile products available for building displays and fixtures. Anodized aluminum tubing and aluminum tubing connectors are efficient and cost effective

Versatility of Aluminum Tubing Profiles
Whether you need a simple square frame or a complicated shelving system with several levels, or a hot aisle containment system that uses our 1” square tube with a double flange for holding a plastic honeycomb panel, Eagle Mouldings offers over seventy-five aluminum tubing and aluminum tubing connectors for creating versatile and flexible types of framing systems.

Easy Connections
Eagle Mouldings aluminum tubing connectors allow you to assemble any configuration store fixtures, store displays or hot aisle containment system without nuts, bolts, rivets, or welds. We make it possible to connect the aluminum tubes securely and in a variety of formations with just a vinyl connector. This easy flexible aluminum connector system has made our tubing and tubing connector system the preferred system by many industries and manufacturers.

Industries that Benefit with our Connectors
Due to the affordable price point and flexibility when it comes to design, aluminum tubing connectors are becoming increasingly popular within many industries as they continue to replace other traditional metal systems

A few industries that benefit from our connectors include manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, Store fixture and display, hot and cold aisle containment companies and many others. These industries have adapted our aluminum connectors as a main product—using them for a variety of both indoor and outdoor applications including structural, architectural, display, and manufacturing.

At Eagle Mouldings, we manufacture, warehouse and supply aluminum anodized aluminum tubing, aluminum tubing nylon connectors in two colors and 3 different sizes. We also offer custom aluminum extrusion services including design, manufacturing, anodizing and fabrication services. We offer only the highest quality materials and finishes. If we do not have what you need, we’ll help you find it or create it.

If you are looking for quick and simple way to connect and disconnect tubing, you will greatly benefit from this product. Please visit us at www.eagle-aluminum.com or call 1800-888-2044.

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