Panel Z clip: Lots of uses in the office or showroom

There are many uses for panel Z clips, and these are used in the office for shelving, picture mounting and putting units together, along with many other uses. In shops and showrooms, these are versatile for uses in making display cases, supporting shelves used for products and fitting temporary walls and dividers together. The clips are strong enough to support a significant amount of weight.

Remember to use the right screws with a panel Z clip

When using a panel Z clip, it’s important to remember to use a secure way to fix the clip to the item that will be secured by it. Most clips will come with pre-drilled screws, and this simply needs to be screwed to the back of the frame or shelf with the adequate strength screw for the job. Once this is in place, it can be simply slotted in and is then ready to use. When not in use, the clip can be removed and stored away.

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