Reusable and multi-use – Z Clips make hanging and displaying easy

Z Clips are useful for hanging wall units, artwork, shelving, storage and much more, due to the strength of the structure of the piece, and the hand Z shape of the clip means that installation is easy and quick – just want every business needs. The pieces can also be removed and reused many times, and the aluminum will last long beyond other materials and can be used in almost any condition without suffering.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also safe

The benefit of using Z Clips is that they are subtle, and will not steal the show if used at an exhibition or in a display. Once in place, they provide strong, discrete support in any situation, and they do not present the same hazards as nails and glue. Carefully crafted corners mean that there are no sharp edges to risk injury. This is an important factor for any business.

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