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It’s time to set the stage for a first-class customer experience. Eagle Mouldings is committed to helping you maximize the quality and appearance of store fixtures and displays. As a manufacturer of Custom & OEM aluminum extrusions, we work diligently to craft high-end store fixture and display offerings that create unrivaled presentation. When it comes to the finer details of store fixtures, there’s no better way to dress up walls, aisles, end caps, signage, and LED displays than with premium-quality LED Extrusions and specialized service from Eagle Mouldings.

Our Store Fixture and Display Products

Eagle Mouldings is a manufacturer, stocking warehouse, and supplier of Custom and OEM aluminum extrusions for store fixture and display manufacturers. We supply Slatwall solutions, ZClips, price tag mouldings, J-Caps, aluminum sign mouldings, extruded aluminum channels, and more.

Aluminum Display Fixture – 90 Degree Outside CornerAluminum Display Fixture – 90 Degree 1/2″ Radiused Outside CornerAluminum Display Fixture – Straight Joint DividerAluminum Display Fixture – Radius End Cap



Aluminum LED Light Box extrusions are a brilliant store display solution, perfect for hanging from walls and ceilings of stores, restaurants, offices, and beyond. Eagle Mouldings is equipped to supply you with dependable aluminum extrusions that make sturdy LED displays in any setting.

Looking to customize? We have the resources and expertise to create industry-specific products for companies of all sizes, working directly with you to develop custom aluminum store fixtures and store displays. Additionally, our manufacturing expertise extends to products such as solar panel extrusions, heat sink extrusions, architectural millwork extrusions, and automotive extrusions.

Your Partner in the Journey

Your project is our project. For more than 25 years, Eagle Mouldings has provided custom extrusions to the architectural millwork and store fixture & display markets. We pride ourselves on providing a brand of customer service that operates step-for-step with your constantly evolving needs, no matter the size or type of business. If you’re looking for a special look or custom shape, our professionals have the expertise to create and help you engineer store fixtures and display products that will help you gain a competitive edge.

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Lightning-Fast Lead Time

We are committed to providing turnaround times that ensure you are able to meet your tight deadlines. Eagle Mouldings is committed to providing the shortest lead times in the industry. With an in-house engineering staff, we have the ability to get you from concept to finished, anodized extrusion in as little as a few weeks, while many others may require three weeks alone to simply get a die made.

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Relationships are a big deal to us. If you have questions about how Eagle Mouldings changes the game of store fixtures and display, contact our team of industry experts. We’d love to work personally with you, while asking the right questions to make your job easier. Our service commitment is centered on ensuring you receive what you need, when you need it, while being at or under your specified budget.

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