Aluminum Finishing Services for Added Protection and Performance

Eagle Mouldings offers a variety of aluminum finishing services and options allowing you to perfectly customize your project. Aluminum finishes can give your extrusions a chic, professional look not only improving the aesthetics, but also the performance.

Anodized Finishes

Our anodized aluminum finishes come in a variety of anodized aluminum colors. We provide several standard anodized aluminum finishes as well as many other customized anodized aluminum finishes to help create the exact look you need. Learn about the anodizing process here!

** indicates Special Order Anodized Finish

Clear Anodized

Clear Satin Anodized

Champagne Anodized


Golden Bronze

Light Bronze Anodized

Light Bronze

Medium Bronze Anodized

Medium Bronze

Dark Bronze Anodized

Dark Bronze

Deep Bronze Anodized

Deep Bronze

Black Anodized


Light Gold Anodized

Light Gold **

Medium Gold Anodize

Medium Gold **

Dark Gold Anodized

Dark Gold **

Nickel Anodized

Nickel **

Brass Anodized

Brass **

Sandalwood Anodized

Sandalwood **

Turquoise Anodized

Turquoise **

Blue Green Anodized

Blue Green **

Jade Anodized

Jade **

Tomato Anodized

Tomato **

Wine Anodized

Wine **

Burgundy Anodized

Burgundy **

Brite Dip Clear Anodized

Brite Dip Clear **

Black Dye

Black Dye **

anodized finish satin pewter

Satin Pewter **

anodized finish brite pewter

Brite Pewter **

anodized finish satin brushed

Satin Brushed **

anodized finish brushed brite

Brushed Brite **

Aluminum Extrusion Finishes

BA Buffed, Anodized Clear BR Brushed MFA Anodized Clear over Mill Finish
BD Bright Dipped, Anodized Clear BZ Bronze Anodized MF Mill Finish or As Extruded
BDG Bright Dipped, Anodized, Gold Dipped DK Dark Bronze Anodized POL Polished Bright Mirror-Like Finish
BK Black, Anodized Black EA Etched, Anodized Clear (Satin Silver)
BKP Powder Coated Black EB Etched, Anodized Gold (Satin Gold)

Finishing Methods for Aluminum

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