Aluminum Framing Extrusions & Aluminum Tubing Connectors

Eagle Aluminum manufactures, warehouses, and supplies square aluminum tube connectors, aluminum tubing fittings, and aluminum framing extrusions. We supply a variety of nylon aluminum pipe couplings, such as 2 way 90, 3 way 90, 4 way 90, 5 way 90, 2 way straight, 3 way tee, 4 way cross, 6 way, 3 way caster plug, 2 way adjustable, Tee flange, end caps, mounting caps, hexagon centers, hexagon tee crosses, and many more.

Nylon Connectors | Use & Application

Square Tube connectors can be used multiple ways including in structural, architectural, display, machining, and manufacturing applications. Our aluminum tubing connectors are perfect for creating frame panels for data center hot aisle and cold aisle containment systems that make setting up a breeze. Frames are easily assembled without the need for tools for products such as displays, tradeshow booths, and signs. Aluminum square nylon connectors are designed to fit a variety of tubing profiles and are stocked in both gray and black. They are manufactured using durable, high quality molded nylon material.

Aluminum Framing | Use & Application

Our extruded aluminum framing tubes and pipe coupling systems are useful for all types of wall dividers, room partitions, server farms, frames, gates, handrails, barriers, support walls, hot aisle containment systems, Sneeze guard framing and more. Extruded aluminum frame is great for everything from retail display, trade show exhibits, sign frames, data center containment, and machine guards to DIY applications such as pot racks, shelving, table stands, and egress window screens. Our extruded aluminum tubing is designed and manufactured to be used with our engineered nylon connectors. Many of our engineered tubes come with different sizes, widths, and styles of flanges and double flanges. Our tube with flange is designed to be used with panels or corrugated wall materials. Most of our aluminum tubing and frame extrusions are stocked in a satin anodized finish for long life and protection.

Extruded Framing | Custom & OEM

Eagle Mouldings is a Manufacturer, Stocking Warehouse, and Supplier of Standard, Custom and OEM framing systems. Our custom and OEM aluminum extrusion services allow us to meet any need our customers may have. We can cut to length or miter, punch, drill and countersink, form or bend any aluminum pipe coupling or other extrusion to specifications as well as offer many standard and custom anodized colors and finishes including satin, Brite dipped and brushed finishes. If we don’t have the extruded frame tubing that meets your requirements, our professionals will assist you in engineering and creating one that will fit your specifications.

Exceptional Customer Service, Same Day Shipping

At Eagle Mouldings satisfied customers are our passion. We strive to provide fast, friendly and helpful customer service. We supply only the highest quality connectors and aluminum framing systems. Each order is professionally packed and shipped to anywhere in North America. Call us today or shop our easy website to get started on your aluminum extrusion project. Eagle Mouldings is your aluminum extrusion resource. Need more? Explore our catalogs. We also carry and stock extruded aluminum square Tubing and Angles.