Aluminum Edge Trim – Giving Your Work That Edge


If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. This well-known saying has stood the test of time because it’s so true. Taking the time to do something properly and paying attention to every detail is very often the difference between doing a good job, and doing a great job.

This is why using aluminum edge trim to make finishing touches to a kitchen or bathroom countertop makes such a huge difference. Finishing your project with aluminum edge trim not only adds an aesthetically pleasing accent, but it also protects your surfaces from the natural wear and tear that raw corners and edges are often subjected to.

Aluminum trim always makes the perfect addition to a project, it’s malleability, pliability, corrosion-resistant properties, and finish options are all desirable characteristics. The applications of our products are truly endless, from standard countertop projects, vintage kitchen remodeling, bar nosing, classic restaurant furniture, RV trim, retail display, signage, and more. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to add a splash of style to your next project, aluminum edge trim molding is the way to go.


Specialized Applications of Aluminum Edge Trim

Aluminum edge trim molding can be customized to your exact specifications giving you the visual detail needed to complement the design style you’re looking for. From a retro 50’s styled kitchen, or vintage bar and restaurant, to something modern and contemporary like kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, aluminum edge trim can be made to fit your needs.

Vintage & Retro Projects: Polished or chrome-looking aluminum edge trim is perfect for retro modeling or vintage style renovations. Aluminum trim can be formed and anodized to recreate every aspect of a 50’s style diner and home kitchen. With choices that feature elegantly fluted faces and others that are sleek and smooth; we have the retro trim you’re looking for. Taking a walk down memory lane is quite easy with retro aluminum trim which is most commonly used as edging for vintage kitchen tables or countertops and restaurant bars. You can also find the nostalgia of retro countertop edging being used on bar stools, restaurant booth tables, and vintage refrigerators.

Classic RVs & Campers: Family vacations and road trips have long been an American past-time, and nothing is more nostalgic than a shiny chrome vintage RV or camper. Most commonly associated with the iconic Airstream, retro aluminum trim has long been an integral component for restoring various styles of vintage RVs. Aluminum trim is non-corrosive and lightweight making it the best trim for your RV or camper. Chrome-like trim can be used externally on areas like the RV door framing, window and grill trim, or internally throughout the cabin of the RV.

Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Trim: Aluminum trim is also used for finishing and styling bathroom countertops, tile edging, shower edging, kitchen countertops, and backsplashes. By removing exposed edges and corners with aluminum trim you protect the most vulnerable areas of your project while also creating a smooth transition between rigid areas. Every well-designed kitchen and bathroom should aim to incorporate aluminum countertop edge trim as an accent or wall enhancement.

Style and Function

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, metal edge trim made of aluminum provides practical functions as well. Aluminum edge trim protects the edges of the material it is attached to. Edge trim covers the edges and corners to give a neat, high-end finish, increasing the durability and longevity of your countertop, table, bar, or shelving.

Anodized aluminum edge trim also protects flooring in high-traffic areas that are at a high risk of damage such as thresholds or any other place where there is a transition from tile to carpet, carpet to wood, or concrete resin to tile. It can also be used to excellent effect at expansion joints or simply as a decorative edging for stairs and podiums.

Aluminum edge trim molding also works well as a skirting board to finish flooring stripes and gives an elegant joint between the floor and the wall. Eagle Moulding’s edge trim is stocked both with and without countersunk holes so the profiles can be applied using an adhesive or screwed to the floor or wall.

Choosing the Right Trim

Eagle Mouldings offers a variety of edge trims. Our most popular trims include the fluted face and bar nosing’s which come in several finishes such as satin, bronze, and brite dipped anodized which has a similar look to chrome. Aluminum edge trims are also offered in grooved or fluted and smooth-faced versions. These trims are most commonly used for kitchen counters, tables, and commercial applications in restaurant furniture.

Attaching Eagle Mouldings Edge Trims

Edge trims can be attached in multiple ways, all offering a different finished look. Our edge trims and nosings are attached by either using a commercial grade adhesive, screwing directly to the material, or friction fit by cutting a groove into the edge of the surface being mounted. The good news is, whichever way you decide is the best, you’ll be pleased with the look, quality, and ease of application our aluminum edge trim products offer.