Find the Right Aluminum for Restaurant & Hospitality Fixtures and Furniture

Eagle Mouldings manufactures, stocks and supplies specialty and custom aluminum extrusions. We specialize in providing the right products for your business, so you can deliver amazing work for restaurants, hotels, casinos and other venues.

Every day Eagle helps customers meet the supply chain and logistics challenges that come with manufacturing a wide range of product lines, including: tables, seating, architectural millwork, wall panel systems, sneeze guard solutions and other décor details for restaurant and hospitality spaces.

For over 30 years, we’ve been perfecting how to help manufacturers use small, intricate and highly finished custom and specialty aluminum extrusions to put the finishing touches on restaurant fixtures and other hospitality furnishings designed with a purpose.

We’re only satisfied when a customer’s order is perfect.

Specialty Aluminum Trims & Extrusions

Yes, It Is Possible.

You contribute to building amazing spaces for standout venues – like restaurants, hotels and casinos – that help your clients make impressions and money. You need to say “Yes” to what’s new and what’s next. Eagle operates on the same philosophy when it comes to taking on the aluminum extrusion challenges in restaurant fixtures and hospitality furnishings.

First, you’re a specialist that’s passionate about what you do. Second, because all customers demand it, you add certainty and reliability to every order. This combination creates results and peace of mind. Eagle looks at aluminum extrusions for restaurant fixtures and hospitality furnishings the same way. You can count on us.

This Is What We Do

We Bring A Big Toolkit

Serving your restaurant or hospitality customers requires hundreds of things to go right. Figuring out how to get it done is most of the battle. So we’ve structured, organized and equipped our business with yours in mind. We have the right resources, and we’re never out-serviced.

Restaurant & Hospitality Furnishings, Fixtures

Restaurant, Hospitality Decor

  • Stools, Chairs, Booths
  • Tables, Countertops, Bars
  • Retro & Nostalgic Designs
  • Hotel Furniture & Fixtures
  • Face Nosings
  • Angles
  • Bars
  • Tees
  • Countertop Edge
  • Wall Panel Extrusions
  • Hanging & Mounting
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Reveals, Dividers, J-Cap

For Any Designed Space

  • Custom Anodized Colors
  • Finishes
    • Buffed & Clear
    • Brite-Dipped
    • Etched & Clear
    • Brushed
    • Polished
    • Powder Coat
  • Cut-to-Length
  • Miter Cutting
  • Punching
  • Drill & Countersink
  • Forming, Bending

Restaurant & Hospitality Furnishings, Fixtures FAQs

Contact our customer service team with any questions at 1-800-888-2044.

Companies manufacturing restaurant & hospitality décor – from dining and hotel furnishings to high-end wall panel systems – often turn to Eagle when they have short lead times or need to procure standard and specialty aluminum extrusions. Our business model is built around the ability to meet standard-shape aluminum extrusion needs whether the quantity is 50 pieces or 5,000 pieces. Similarly, when a restaurant project requires 10,000 linear feet of 1” x 1” x 1/16” equal-leg satin anodized angle on short notice, Eagle has the inventory depth and breadth to pull the entire order from stock.

It’s not unusual for another aluminum extrusion supplier to carry some of the standard shapes used in restaurant & hospitality venues. But the on-hand stock will only be available in low to medium-size quantities. Eagle Mouldings works with manufactures supplying regional and national restaurant & hospitality brands. Whether the project is a chain expansions or a properties retrofit, Eagle often gets the aluminum extrusion call because we carry one of the largest inventories of anodized extrusions found anywhere.

Eagle Mouldings was founded in 1989 with the belief that premium products, along with outstanding customer service, would stand the test of time. Nearly 30 years later, Eagle our customers’ satisfaction still drives the way we do our business. Customers have come to recognize Eagle Mouldings as their single source for custom, hard-to-find aluminum trims and extrusions for the restaurant & hospitality furnishings, fixtures and décor industry. The same is true of our fast turn-around, great pricing and personalized customer service.

New customers often are heard to say they wish they had known about us several years ago. When it comes to “custom,” the reality is other extrusion suppliers don’t stack up to what Eagle is able to deliver to customers on a consistent basis, day in and day out. The same is true of our quality, lead times and competitive pricing.

One of the services we provide to customers who manufacturer and build for restaurant & hospitality venues is advice on specifying custom colors and finishes. A designer or architect creating a new concept or “feel” might have a clear idea about the look they want to achieve. But they are not familiar with all of the options and costs associated with each finish. Our customer service reps are here to help.

Some popular finishes include: Anodized Satin, Brite-dip, Bronze, Black, and mechanical finishes like Polished or Brushed. We specialize in finishes like Anodizing, Powder Coating, Mechanical Finishes and Chemical Washes. We customarily advise buyers on techniques that can create the desired highly-finished look at a lower cost. For example: Polishing, a mechanical finish, is extremely expensive. Brite-dip anodizing provides a similar shiny finish the designer envisions but can be done at a fraction of the cost, which reduces the total finishing cost significantly.

Absolutely not! After almost three decades creating solutions for the restaurant & hospitality industry, Eagle Mouldings has developed some very strong and valuable partnerships in the aluminum extrusion industry. As a result, we have created – or can access – more than 10,000 different shapes. That kind of reach and flexibility means Eagle can often deliver a custom extrusion and finish that is price-comparable to a stock order. The ability to select the best-possible solution from multiple options is critical in meeting customer needs not only on turnaround time, but also on price and quality.

We are experts in providing custom aluminum extrusions designed and integrated to work with architectural wall and panel systems for architectural millwork companies. Working with extrusion designs provided by the Millwork Company or architect, Eagle will provide the customer with a die print for sign-off, a custom extrusion, fabrication, and a custom finish from a wide range of commercial-quality finish options frequently used in architectural wall and panel solutions.

Eagle Mouldings has a variety of aluminum extrusions that work perfectly with.

Eagle Mouldings has no order minimum.

Yes, if someone can sign for delivery.

Yes. Eagle ships anywhere FedEx and UPS deliver.

Yes. Customers can pick up orders during standard business hours. We will also make accommodations, outside business hours, when possible.

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