Aluminum Z Clips, Panel Hangers & Aluminum Z Extrusions

Eagle Z Clips Make Hanging Things Easy

Hanging things on the wall has never been easier. The Eagle-Clip Z Clips (aluminum z extrusions) are a fast and cost-effective method to hang, fasten, and secure any kind of wall panel, acoustical panel, partition, frame, cabinet, sign, mirror or piece of artwork. Our specially engineered Eagle-Clip Z Clips allow for fast mounting and removal.

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We can custom cut to any length or design a custom clip to meet your exact specifications.  We ship Eagle-Clip Z Clips a pair at a time or by the pallet anywhere in the country.  Contact us for a Z Clips quote!

Aluminum Z Clip
Extruded Aluminum Z Clip

Aluminum Z Clip - Continuous
Extruded Aluminum Z Clip - Continuous

Aluminum Z Bar
Extruded Aluminum Z Bar

EAM-375-2 Eagle Clip
EAM-375-2 Eagle Clip

EAM-375-S-2 Eagle Clip
EAM-375-S-2 Eagle Clip

EAM-62518-2 Eagle Clip

EAM-62525-15 Eagle Clip
EAM-62525-15 Eagle Clip

EAM-2525-2 Eagle Clip
EAM-2525-2 Eagle Clip
Eagle Z ClipsEAM-375EAM-375-SEAM-62518EAM-62525EAM-2525
Clip Width:2 inch1-1/2 inch1-1/2 inch2 inch
Continuous Length:72 inch, 144 inch72 inch, 144 inch72 inch, 144 inch72 inch, 144 inch72 inch, 144 inch
Lift-Off3/8 inch3/8 inch5/8 inch5/8 inch1/4 inch
Projection/Stand-Off:1/4 inch1/4 inch3/16 inch1/4 inch1/4 inch
Clip Height:1-1/4 inch1-1/4 inch1-7/8 inch1-7/8 inch1 inch
Clip Hole Size:.210 inch.210 inch.210 inch.210 inch.210 inch
Aluminum Material:6063-T66063-T66063-T66063-T66063-T6

Cut Installation Time By As Much As 50%

Eagle-Clip Z Clips remain concealed after installation, allowing for pre-finishing without time-consuming face nailing or on-the-job finishing. Because of the ease of installation and cost-effectiveness, you can save as much as 50% by choosing Eagle-Clip Z Clips and Panel Hanger products.


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Need an Aluminum Z Clip, Panel Hanger, Z Bar or Z Rail for Your Next Project?

Eagle Mouldings supplies a wide variety of superior custom aluminum extruded products. These aluminum extrusions include an entire line of custom aluminum Z clips. Called by many names including Z Clip, Z clips, Z-Clip, Z-Clips, Panel Hanger, Panel hangers, Z Bar, Z Bars, Z-Bar, Z-Bars, Z Bar Hanger, French Cleat, French Cleats, Hanger Clip, Hanger clips, Hanger-Clip, Hanger-Clips, Hanging Clip, Hanging Clips , Wall Clip, Wall Clips, Mounting Clip, Mounting Clips , Mounting Hardware, Wall Hardware, Wall Mounting Hardware, Cabinet Hanger, Cabinet Hangers, Wall Z Clips, Wall Panel Hanger, Wall Panel Hangers, Acoustical Z Clips, Acoustical Panel Hanger, Acoustical  Panel  Hangers, Z Rails and Z-Rails. For over 20 years, we’ve provided the general public and professionals in numerous industries with top-notch products and customer service. No matter where you’re located in North America, we’ll ship to you from our central offices in Minnesota. With industry expertise an inclusive inventory, affordable rates, and dedication to quality, we’re fully confident in our ability to fulfill your requirements and expectations.

Z Clips Chosen by Professionals

Since our company’s inception almost 30 years ago, we’ve supplied specialty custom and OEM extrusions to specialists in a variety of varying industries with quality products, be it Z Clips or Z bars. Engineers, contractors, designers, architects, project managers and a number of other types of customers frequently rely on us for quality custom and OEM extrusions and services.

The Uses of Z Clips

Z-clips are functional both at home and on the job, making them especially helpful for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Our specially engineered aluminum Eagle-Clip Z-clip provides a quick and simplistic solution to securing everything from cabinets and signage, to panels and shelves, to artwork and picture frames. Regardless of whether you’re redecorating your home or office, or completing on-the-job remodeling, Z clips can be used to hang a multitude of wall applications.

Uses and Benefits of Aluminum Z Bar Extrusions

Aluminum z bar extrusions can be used for interior and exterior applications. The z bar is a versatile profile used in construction, store fixture and displays, signage, enclosures, cabinets, and hanging storage bins and racks. There are many construction applications where z bars, or z channels, can be used for furring out walls or used for insulation applications.

Aluminum z bar extrusions can support a considerable amount of weight and perfect for hanging cabinets or storage enclosures for a concealed installation look. Aluminum z bar extrusions are a lightweight product, protects against fire and moisture, and naturally resists corrosion. Z bars can be cut to length for many applications, custom anodized for color matching, and budget friendly for any type of project.

Available Z Clip Products

Our entire line of aluminum Z clips and Z bar stock are engineered and temper hardened for maximum strength and holding power. Our Z Clip product line consists of the Eagle Z-clip, cleated bar or cleated rail, smooth bar or smooth rail, and aluminum Z bar. Whether you’re looking for a 3/8″ lift off, 5/8″ lift off, 1-1/2″ wide, 2″ wide, 3″ wide, 1/4″ standoff or 3/16″ standoff, cleated or smooth, standard, custom or special order,  Eagle Mouldings is ready to help you find the exact solution that fits your need.

How Eagle-Clip Z Clips Work

Made from heat treated hardened aluminum and available in 2″, 6′ and 12′ lengths either Punched or un-punched, the Eagle-Clip Z Clips make installation fast and easy.

To install, simply fasten one Z Clip to the wall and another to the panel you want to hang. The Z shaped clips wedge together locking the panels solidly and securely in place. They are:

  • Ideal for hanging Wall & Acoustical Panels, Partitions, Frames, Cabinets, Signs, Mirrors or Artwork
  • Available in pre-cut and punched 2″ length (sold in bags of 20 or buckets of 1000)
  • Available in punched or un-punched 6′ and 12′ lengths (punched every 8″ on center)
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely strong
  • Very secure
  • Same day shipping


What is a Z-Clip?

A Z-Clip performs like a wood French Cleat made for hanging objects on a wall, but is made of aluminum. French cleats were traditionally made of interlocking hardwood wedges and are used in carpentry to secure a cabinet, mirror, artwork, wall panel or other objects to a wall or vertical surface, while still allowing for easy removal.

How is a Z-Clip used?

Z-Clips are used in the same way a French Cleat is used. They are also commonly called Z rails, Z bars, Z hangers, wall panel clips and panel rails, hanging clips, hanging bars, hanger rails and hanging cleats. Or, in our case, the Eagle-Clip Z-Clip. No matter which term you use, all aluminum Z-Clips work the same way: One metal cleat, shaped like a Z with a 45-degree angle on one end, attaches to the wall. A second Z-Clip, the same shape but upside down, attaches to the back of the item being mounted. The two cleats slide over and into one another, allowing the Z-Clips to interlock. That’s it! Gravity takes care of the rest. For some applications, like hanging heavy wall panels or cabinets, we recommend using a second or third set of Z-Clips.

Who can use a Z-Clip?

Z-Clips are the solution for a wide range of applications, but most often you find them spec’d by wall panel companies, commercial architects, general contractors, builders, or Architectural Millwork companies. Because you can’t count on wall studs being located exactly where they’re needed to hang large and heavy objects, Z-Clips are perfect for mounting cabinets, architectural wall panels, elevator wall panels, display boards, whiteboards, LED fabric frames, signs, acoustical panels and art. Many Architectural Millwork designers and contractors specify Eagle Z-Clips in their architectural plans. Our installation video, easy access to our spec sheet, outstanding customer service, price match guarantee, and huge inventory selection make Eagle Mouldings the first choice among aluminum extrusion suppliers.

How much weight can an Eagle Z-Clip support?

Eagle Mouldings hired an accredited materials technology company to conduct a vertical and lateral load test on its Eagle-Clip 1.5” Z-Clips, and vertical load testing on it’s 2” and 48” Eagle-Clip Z-Clips. The average vertical load for a single 1.5” Z-Clip is 421 lbs., and 105 lbs. with a lateral load. The average vertical load achieved by a single Eagle-Clip 2” Z Clip is 478 lbs. The average load achieved by the 48” Eagle-Clip Z Clip opposite three 2” Z-Clips is 703 lbs. For more details, please review the results of the Strength Test.

What can I do to add holding power to the Eagle Z-Clip?

To add holding power to any ZClip, simply add additional clips or rails. For example in hanging ¾” architectural wall panels, we suggest using 2 to 3 rails in the wall and a 2” clip every 24” on the back side of the panel. Also, know that the size fastener and the material your fastening into will always have a major impact as to how much a Z Clip will hold. It almost never is the clip that fails, but rather the fastener or the material being fastened to.

Do you have a minimum order?

Eagle Mouldings has no minimum order. We will sell as little as one 6’ Z rail or as little as 1 bag of 20 Z Clips.

What else are Eagle Z-Clips used to hang?

Eagle Z clips and Z rails are used to hang almost anything including: architectural wall panels, acoustical panels, cabinets, headboards, mirrors and pictures.

Can I use Eagle Z-Clips to hang panels on a ceiling?

Yes. When installing on a horizontal surface, the panel is being held by the “Lift-off” portion of the clip. We recommend using our ⅝” lift-off -vs- the ⅜” lift-off because there is an additional ⅛’ of Z Clip holding the object. Also, the installer wants to make sure the panels are butted tightly against the next panel so when a concession of panels are installed in a row there are no gaps for any one panel to disengage.

What is the differences between all of the various types of Eagle Z-Clips?

Eagle Mouldings has designed, manufactured and stocks a wide variety of Z Clips. Each Z Clip has a “Stand-off” the measured distance off the wall an object will be when the Z clip is engaged and also a “Lift-off” the measured distance it takes to disengage an object once the Z clip is engaged. We have lift-offs of ¼”, ⅜” and ⅝” and stand-offs of 3/16” and ¼”. Eagle Mouldings has also designed a thinner more lightweight clip for lightweight items to be hung on the wall like pictures and small framed photos. Another Z Clip was designed especially for glazing companies. This Z clip has a smooth mounting surface which allows for special glazing adhesives to be used most effectively. Eagle Mouldings offers 1.5” and 2” clips, 6’ and 12’ rails, both punched and unpunched.

Can I use an adhesive with an Eagle Z -Clip?

Yes, Eagle Mouldings has designed a Z Clip specifically for glazing companies. This Z clip has a smooth mounting surface which allows for special glazing adhesives to adhere effectively to its smooth surface giving it an outstanding holding power.

Can you drill the holes and cut to length to help me save time on the job site?

Yes, Our entire line of Z Clips and Z Rails are available in either punched or unpunched variety. If Our standard lengths or hole pattern doesn’t work for your project we can quote you custom hole sizes and patterns.

What size screws can I or should I use with Eagle Z-Clips?

Our standard punched holes are .210”.

Can I use Z Clips on drywall?

Yes, but unless you’re screwing into a wood stud wall behind the sheetrock, it won’t hold an excessive amount of weight. If possible, when screwing your fasteners to “soft” material like sheetrock, make sure you’re also hitting a stud to ensure maximum holding power. If this is not possible, we would suggest you use a longer 6’ or 12’ rail, and in some cases, multiple rails to hang heavier objects.

Will you ship directly to a job site?

Yes, as long as there is a contact person to sign for the delivery.

Do you ship International orders?

Yes, we ship anywhere Fedex and UPS will deliver.

Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

Yes, orders can be picked up during standard business hours. Within reason, certain accommodations can be made.

Can Eagle Z-Clips come in different finishes or colors?

Yes, we specialize in custom colors and finishes in all our extruded products. Just tell us what you need and we will provide you with all of our available options.

What is the shipping lead time for stock items?

Depending on current order processing levels, we will try to ship same day or within the next business day of receiving an order if possible.

What if I want a custom Z-clip? Are you able to provide custom products?

Yes, Eagle Mouldings specializes in custom aluminum extrusions. We have one of the nation’s largest selections of specialty and custom aluminum extrusion inventories found anywhere. If you need architectural anodized aluminum extrusions, look no further. Eagle Mouldings has been serving the architectural millworkstore fixture and store display markets for almost 30 years.

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