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Common Hat Channel Applications

  • Acoustic tiles/panels and soundproofing
  • Architectural curtain walls
  • Commercial construction
  • Exterior wall cladding
  • Furring (leveling) walls, ceilings, roofs
  • Installing fixtures (cabinets, displays, ceilings)
  • Rainscreen installations
  • Renovation and remodeling
  • Wall panel systems
  • Store fixture and display installations
  • Wall cladding
  • Curtain walls

Industries Using Hat Channels

  • Acoustic & Soundproofing
  • Architects, Designers
  • Architectural Millwork
  • Cabinet Companies
  • Commercial Builders
  • General Contractors
  • Masonry Companies
  • Rescue Vehicles
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Store Fixtures & Displays

Benefits of Aluminum Hat Channels

Long Lasting Protection

  • Lightweight (1/3 the weight of steel)
  • Protection against fire and moisture
  • Naturally resists corrosion, will not rust
  • Resists warping, splitting, mold and mildew
  • Easy to customize
  • Simple installation
  • Affordable, budget friendly

The use of aluminum furring channels or aluminum hat channels in the application of cladding when applying one material over another to provide a protective or finish layer. In construction, wall cladding is used to provide thermal insulation and weather resistance, while improving the appearance of a building. The use of aluminum furring channels or hat channels provide the best form of defense against moisture, corrosion, or mold and mildew. Wall cladding is the process of constructing the exterior of a building in the form of panels to improve thermal, acoustical, and appearance of a building.

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Wall Cladding


A rainscreen is a system that provides ventilation between the exterior siding of a home or building. It provides an air gap for venting moisture and a barrier for water resistance. Using an aluminum hat channel or furring channel aids in providing a long-term solution against moisture, material rot, mold and mildew forming, and will not rust or corrode as traditional materials such as wood or steel.

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Furring refers to leveling out walls and ceilings using aluminum furring channels. To ensure buildings are structurally sound, both residential and commercial builders often use hat channels or z channels to level out walls, ceilings, and roofs. The hat channels and furring channels also create a gap between interior or exterior walls and drywall or siding, which prevents moisture buildup and allows for easier maintenance. When comparing furring channel materials, aluminum is the champ. It will not rust, collect mold, warp, split, or corrode like wood and steel

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Furring Or Furring Strips

Acoustic Tile And Panels

Hat channels can be used for installing acoustic panels or ceiling tiles. The aluminum channel provides a perfect shape to allow tiles and panels to be attached or hung. Acoustic panels are used to reduce noise and control sound in building and architectural spaces. Controlling internal noise levels can be used in buildings such as schools, libraries, manufacturing, restaurants, and retail stores.

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Aluminum Extruded Hat Channels | Custom & OEM

Eagle Mouldings is a manufacturer, stocking warehouse, and supplier of standard, custom and OEM aluminum hat channels. Our custom and OEM aluminum extrusion services allow us to meet any need our customer may have. We can cut to length or miter, punch, drill and countersink, form or bend any extrusion to specifications as well as offer many standard and custom anodized colors and finishes including satin, brite dipped, and brushed finishes. If we don’t have the extruded aluminum hat channel that meets your requirements, our professionals will assist you with engineering and in creating the part you need. We guarantee that we can create the aluminum hat or z channel shapes that meet your size specifications.

Exceptional Customer Service | Same day Shipping Available

At Eagle Mouldings, satisfied customers are our passion. We strive to provide fast, friendly and helpful customer service. We supply only the highest quality extruded aluminum hat channels available. Each order is professionally packed and shipped to anywhere in North America. Call us today or shop our website to get started on your aluminum extrusion project.

Experience, You Can Trust Eagle Mouldings

With more than 30 years of experience in providing manufactured and quality custom extruded shapes, Eagle Mouldings is your source for aluminum hat channels and z channels. Please visit us today at www.eagle-aluminum.com or call us at 1-800-888-2044.

Hat Channels, Furring Channels, Rainscreens, Wall Cladding

Aluminum hat channels and furring channel extrusions are framing pieces shaped like a top hat. Because aluminum outperforms traditional hat channel materials like wood and steel, Eagle Mouldings specializes exclusively in aluminum hat channels. Eagle’s aluminum hat channels and furring channels are corrosion resistant and a fireproof extruded aluminum product. Furring channels and hat channels are used primarily to level out irregular or uneven surfaces on interior walls, exterior walls, ceilings, and masonry, saving a lot of time and unnecessary expense. Other names referred to hat channels are a furring channel, furring strip, hat track, or hat channel extrusion.

Aluminum Hat Channels – The Preferred Material

Aluminum hat and furring channel extrusions can serve all the same functions as hat channels made from wood or steel. While hat channels are extremely versatile, they are most often used in construction and remodeling. Aluminum hat channel is preferable to wood materials in most commercial building projects as it is stronger and is the only choice in towns where the local building code requires fireproof support elements. In addition, aluminum channels are easy to install, lightweight, can be customized for special applications, and extremely durable. Our aluminum hat channel extrusions can be cut to any size or machined to your unique specifications or building requirements.

Weather Resistant Aluminum Furring Channels

The aluminum hat channels and furring channels are a preferred solution to create an air gap for moisture prevention between interior and exterior walls, siding for exterior wall cladding, curtain walls, and rainscreen installations. Hat channels provide a base for establishing water diversion systems, thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling, and appearance solutions in a building structure.

Aluminum Hat Channel Reveals

Hat channels can be used as a design element as a decorative reveal between wall panels, sheetrock, or tile products. Aluminum hat channel and furring channel extrusions can also be used as a transition between building materials. By using hat channels as an extruding reveal or shadow reveal, you can ensure the material spacing and visual lines remain true and straight. Aluminum hat channel reveal or accent trim can be custom anodized or powder coated with a protective and visually appealing finish to enhance any design.

Custom Hat Channel Extrusion Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in providing manufactured and quality custom extruded shapes, Eagle Aluminum is your source for aluminum hat channel and aluminum furring channel extrusions. Contact our service professionals today at 1-800-888-2044 for more information.

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