Aluminum Extrusions for Solar Panel Mounting Rails & Systems

Eagle Aluminum is your single source of stock, custom, and hard-to-find aluminum trims and extrusions for solar technology companies. Whether you need aluminum extrusions for a solar panel mounting system or anodizing to protect against severe weather conditions, we can help provide a solution. Whether you are looking for aluminum angles, channels, frame, panel, or racking extrusions, Eagle Aluminum is uniquely able to provide all your aluminum extrusion and finishing solutions.

Custom Solar Technology Extrusions

Eagle Aluminum has the nation’s largest inventory of custom aluminum extrusions with an assortment of finishes, including a huge variety of anodized finishes. As a trusted provider of custom aluminum extrusions, we also offer additional services in accordance with your exact specifications, needs and budget in mind. Light metal fabrication services include assembly, brushing, welding, cutting, punching, mechanical finishes and more.

We work directly with you to develop custom solar panel mounting rail systems. Extruded aluminum solar mounting accessories made with only the highest quality aluminum alloys and tempered to your ideal specifications. Our team members pride themselves on delivering solar technology solutions with the shortest lead times available in the industry.

We Specialize in Aluminum Solar Extrusions:

  • Aluminum Extrusions for Solar Panel Frames and Brackets
  • Solar Mounting Frame Extrusions
  • Solar Panel Mounting Rails
  • Panel Profile Extrusions
  • Pivot Extrusions
  • T-Slot Extrusions
  • Solar Racking Extrusions

At Eagle Aluminum, we have the engineering resources and expertise to create aluminum extrusions for solar panel mounting systems using specific extruded products for companies of all sizes. We work directly with you to develop custom solar panel mounting rails and technology solutions. Aluminum extrusions and solar mounting accessories made with only the highest quality aluminum alloys and tempered to your ideal specifications. Our team members pride themselves on delivering aluminum extrusion solutions for solar panel frames with the shortest lead times available in the industry.

Largest Inventories of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Eagle Aluminum has one of the largest inventories of anodized and custom aluminum extrusions found anywhere in the U.S. We design, manufacture, warehouse and distribute across North America from our offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If your solar panel project demands a custom aluminum extrusion, we will help you engineer and design the perfect solution to your specifications.

Eagle’s Lead Time Keeps Pace with Your Solar Project

Nobody in the industry beats our lead times when it comes to custom aluminum extrusions. This ensures your solar technology project is done within YOUR desired timeframe. Eagle Aluminum soars above the competition with the fastest lead times in the industry. Featuring an in-house engineering staff, and we can get you from concept to finished solution within weeks not months. While others may require several weeks to simply get a die approved and cut, we get you all the way to the finish line with anodized custom extrusions ready to assemble or start your construction project.

We are equipped to work directly with the manufacturer or with any general contractor that has been tasked to complete a solar panel extrusion project and to meet the stringent guidelines and budget set by the customer. Our team will deliver personalized customer service and pay attention to each customer’s unique project needs. We are confident that we will be successful together.

Questions about Solar Panel Extrusion Solutions?

If you have questions about how Eagle Aluminum changes the landscape of OEM solutions for solar panel aluminum, contact our team of industry experts. We’d love to work with you directly while asking the right questions to make your job easier. Our service and product commitment are centered on ensuring you receive what you need, when you need it, and on budget.

We Are Your Aluminum Extrusion Partner

For over 30 years, Eagle Aluminum has provided custom extrusions and components that provide innovative solutions for architectural millwork, store fixture and display, emergency vehicle manufacturing, data center cooling systems, and aluminum solar extrusions. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized customer service that operates step-for-step with your constantly evolving needs, no matter the size or type of business. If you’re searching for a special shape or custom aluminum extrusion for solar panel technology, Eagle’s team of experts has the experience to create and engineer aluminum solar panel mounting rail and systems that help you gain a competitive edge for your business.

Contact Eagle Aluminum for more information on how to make your custom solar panel aluminum extrusion at 1-800-888-2044.

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