Benefits & Uses of Bleacher Plank Decking

Benefits and Uses of Aluminum Bleacher Plank Decking

Many of us have fond memories of cheering on our favorite teams or kids at the big game from the stands, stomping on the bleachers and making as much noise as possible to show our support. Not a sports fan? You may instead have memories of hanging on the docks by the lake to fish, swim, or take the boat out for a ride. Either way, aluminum dock and decking played an important role. While the average person may not give much thought to their bleacher plank or decking, when you’re in the market for bleacher and plank products there is much to consider. For one, you need a product that is incredibly strong, safe, and resilient. Additionally, you require planking or decking that can withstand the elements, such as high moisture and dirt. Finally, you want planking that is resistant to corrosion and will stay looking great without the need for repairs. Below we’ll take a look at the many benefits of aluminum decking, as well as the product offerings available to fit your needs.

Benefits of Aluminum Bleacher Planks and Decking

There are a number of reasons why aluminum bleacher planks and decking makes sense for your gym, sports arena, or deck project. For one, aluminum planking and decking is incredibly lightweight. In fact, in the case of decking, aluminum decking is up to four times lighter than alternatives like wood or composite materials. This is especially beneficial when it comes to installing bleachers in a gym, as often this seating needs to be moved or stored to allow for more space on occasion. Using a lightweight material like aluminum bleacher plank ensure that only one or two individuals are required to quickly and efficiently rearrange the bleachers as needed.

Another great benefit to aluminum bleacher plank and decking is their durability. Aluminum is widely known as a material that can hold up over time without bending, warping, twisting, cracking, or rusting. This is essential for bleachers, which see a great deal of foot traffic, including jumping fans, spilled drinks, and more forms of wear and tear. Similarly, aluminum decking has the ability to withstand constant exposure to moisture without breaking down, making it the ideal material for stadium seating solutions. Many types of aluminum decking feature self-draining channels to ensure the surface is free of moisture.

Bleacher Plank and Decking Products from Eagle Mouldings

Now that you’re aware of why aluminum bleacher planking and decking is a great choice, let’s take a look at the various options available. Eagle Mouldings is proud to have created an incredible selection of aluminum deck boards and aluminum planks for our customers. Eagle Mouldings manufactures, warehouses, and supplies square tubing with nut channels, aluminum decking and planks, bleacher edging, and many other aluminum extrusions for your dock, decking or bleachers. We stock them in standard mill finish or we supply anodized and powder coated finishes upon request.

We offer aluminum plank profiles that are extruded in 1” x 6” aluminum decking or 1-3/4”x 9-1/2” aluminum deck boards. Additionally, the aluminum plank profiles we carry range in lengths, so you’ll find just what you need whether you’re looking for 2 feet or 24 feet.

Though our inventory is always growing, our current collection of bleacher plank and decking products at Eagle Mouldings includes:

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