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Contact our customer service team with any questions at 1-800-888-2044.

Customers with an urgent need for standard aluminum extrusions will call Eagle because they know we can meet standard-shape needs whether the quantity is one piece, or 1,000 pieces. When a project manager suddenly needs 10,000 linear feet of 1” x 1” x 1/16” satin anodized equal-leg angle – and must have it within one week – only a company with Eagle’s inventory depth and breadth can fulfill that immediate need from stock.

Eagle Mouldings has no order minimum for stocked items! You can get as little as 1 piece or as much as an entire truckload.

We are ready to ship anywhere in the world that FedEx or UPS deliver to. Eagle can deliver material via full truckload, long haul truck, or small parcel to virtually any type of location including commercial businesses, job sites, and residential addresses.

Yes, if someone can sign for delivery.

Eagle ships anywhere FedEx and UPS deliver.

Depending on current order processing levels, we try to ship within one to two business days from the time of your order placement. There are expedited shipping options available.

You will be emailed the same day either directly from the small parcel carrier when your shipment has been scheduled or with your PRO# from our freight coordinator once your material leaves our facility.

Customers can pick up orders during standard business hours. We will also make accommodations, outside business hours, when possible. Contact Eagle Mouldings for more information about our products at 1-800-888-2044.

Our warehouse facilities are located in central Minnesota about a half-hour west of Minneapolis.

Eagle Mouldings accepts payment in the form of credit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard), check, ACH, Wire, and cash.

Eagle Mouldings has the capabilities to make custom and miter cuts to prepare your material for shipping and installation.

Yes, some of our extrusions are available in either punched or unpunched variety. If our standard lengths or hole pattern doesn’t work for your project we can quote you custom hole sizes and patterns.

One of the most important things we do for customers is to be a specialist and a consultant on aluminum extrusion custom colors and finishes. A customer creating something new and unique has a very clear idea about the finished look and feel of the project. But they’re not experts in all the details of aluminum finishing, from powder coating and wet painting to anodizing and mechanical finishes. We’re glad to make that our job. A customer might call-out a brushed finish, but they really are envisioning a satin finish. The two finishes are completely distinct from each other and require different processes.

One of the most frequent comments we hear from first-time customers buying standard extrusions from Eagle is: “I wish I would have known about you guys five years ago.” That’s because Eagle can provide the same fast, high-quality and competitively priced aluminum extrusions whether it’s a stock item or a unique custom aluminum extrusion. Many aluminum extruders say they handle “custom,” but they really prefer to sell only what is on their website, or in a catalog. Eagle fills custom aluminum extrusion orders on a daily basis.

An extrusion mill may not want to deal with – and can’t handle – a custom aluminum extrusion order unless the customer can meet a minimum order size. That’s especially true when the spec starts with engineering, and the finished product involves machining or other fabrication, specialized color-match, or a mechanical finish. Simply said, most mills can’t drop down to smaller quantities and still get the order done profitably. Eagle was built on opportunities to serve customers while being small enough and agile enough to make a custom extrusion order happen for any order size. Even when it involves a complex combinations of short lead time, fabrication, color and finish.

It’s not unusual for some aluminum extrusion suppliers to carry many standard shapes in stock, but only in small to mid-size quantities. Eagle Mouldings has over 30 years in the business supplying custom and standard extrusions. We can fill a large order – on short or no lead time – next-day out of our inventory. We simply carry one of the largest inventories of anodized extrusions found anywhere.

We know what it takes to be a premier go-to source for standard and custom anodized aluminum extrusions. Eagle also understands the capabilities of our competitors, who often are not willing to spend the time or the effort to service a smaller account the way we do. Every Eagle customer is important. We work with fixture & display companies who build one store at a time. We also support companies that build chain-wide rollouts for national big-box retailers. We have spent over 30 years creating solid, long-standing partnerships with customers, along with building one of the largest inventories of custom and standard extrusions to be found anywhere in the United States.

Companies frequently find Eagle Mouldings because – even over the course of working with another supplier for years – product frequently arrives at their dock late, in substandard condition, or both. Eagle has a reputation for meeting tight deadlines and shipping in substantial protective packaging. We make high quality a standard outcome. Our customers know Eagle product will arrive in great shape every time they do business with us.

Eagle Mouldings has designed, manufactured and stocks a wide variety of Z Clips. Each Z Clip has a “Stand-off” the measured distance off the wall an object will be when the Z clip is engaged and also a “Lift-off” the measured distance it takes to disengage an object once the Z clip is engaged. We have lift-offs of ¼”, ⅜” and ⅝” and stand-offs of 3/16” and ¼”. Eagle Mouldings has also designed a thinner more lightweight clip for lightweight items to be hung on the wall like pictures and small framed photos. Another Z Clip was designed especially for glazing companies. This Z clip has a smooth mounting surface which allows for special glazing adhesives to be used most effectively. Eagle Mouldings offers 1.5” and 2” clips, 6’ and 12’ rails, both punched and unpunched.

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