Rigid, Modular, and Softwall Cleanroom Solutions and Applications Using Aluminum

  • Biotech and Life Sciences
  • Medical Device
  • Microchip and Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Positive and Negative Cleanrooms
  • Scientific Research

What Is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a controlled environment where provisions are made to reduce particulate contamination and may also control room temperature, humidity and pressure. A cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a very low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors.

How Does a Cleanroom Work?

Cleanrooms work to remove pollutants, particles and contaminants from outside ambient air. Outside air is circulated to a filtering system. The filters then clean and decontaminate the outside air. The filtered air is then forced into the cleanroom. Air within the cleanroom is forced outside or is recirculated back into the filtering system for further reduction of contaminants.

Who Needs a Cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are used in many industries where contaminants can adversely affect the manufacturing process. A cleanroom can vary in size and can be customized to the manufacturing or assembly required. These contaminants are generated by people, processes, facilities and equipment. The contaminants must be removed from the air on a continual 2 basis. Cleanrooms are used extensively in aerospace, biotech, medical device, military, optical, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and semiconductor industries.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Cleanrooms

Eagle Mouldings is your single source for standard and custom hard-to-find aluminum trims and extrusions for cleanroom construction by providing personalized customer service, quick lead times, and great pricing. If you have an idea for cleanroom solutions and applications using a custom aluminum extrusion, Eagle Mouldings can help manufacture to your specific needs.

Cleanroom Applications

  • Aluminum Connecting Posts to Conceal Wiring
  • Aluminum Framed Pass-Thru
  • Aluminum Scrub Wall
  • Ceiling Grids and Panels
  • Extruded Aluminum Frame and Gasket
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter frames
  • Wall and Ceiling Coves
  • Wall Panel Frames

Answering the Tough Questions

If you were to sit in a meeting with the owners of Eagle Mouldings, you would quickly sense what sets us apart, and why we are leaders in providing custom and stock aluminum extrusions. We know that cleanroom design and cleanroom construction is your business. Let us show you why aluminum is ours.

We can answer the tough questions that other aluminum extrusion suppliers often try to avoid or gloss over. You will hear us come up with better answers on how to save you time and money without sacrificing quality. Answers others may not have even considered, providing you with better, faster and more affordable solutions.

Becoming A Preferred Partner

We know that typical aluminum extrusion suppliers don’t fully understand the many factors that are considered in the engineering of a clean room. That is what makes Eagle Mouldings a valuable partner. We have customers that are engineering, manufacturing and construction leaders in cleanroom design and construction industry. We are a unique partner in the design and construction process from start to finish.

Each cleanroom requires specific considerations for its intended uses. Much of our strength lies with our ability to work closely with the customer to interpret their needs and provide solutions to achieve finished product that exceeds expectations and meets budgetary restraints.

We Ask Question to Learn More About Your Business

You need an aluminum extrusion supplier you can rely on. Eagle’s hands-on, client-centered approach to project management focuses our resources on your project’s success. We believe that cultivating working familiarity between our clients and project managers enhances efficiency on every level.

Aluminum That Meets Your Project’s Expectations

Cleanrooms are typically built under specific cleanroom classifications. The ability to keep the room clean typically using modular or stick built components with integral cove bases, cove corners, and coved ceilings to maintain a cleanable surface condition is crucial under cleanroom standards. Eagle knows the importance this and can provide aluminum extrusions with a surface finish that your project requires.

We Focus on Your Product Needs as well as the Process

We gather a list of your needs and what systems will be integrated into the construction of your cleanroom. We take all of this information and present you with an aluminum extrusion that best fits the scope of your project.

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