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Eagle strives to be a game changer among custom aluminum extrusion manufacturers in the USA. Faster and with higher quality. From idea or concept . . . to the print . . . to delivering custom aluminum extrusions to your dock.

Actually, our inventory of aluminum extrusions and aluminum extruders on-the-shelf at Eagle Mouldings is so broad and deep, that what you assume is a custom aluminum extrusion may actually be a standard and ready to ship.

Or, we know where to quickly find an existing shape you need. Eagle connections give you access to more than 10,000 aluminum extruder shapes. If you truly need a custom die and extrusion, we will help you design and engineer it.

It’s your job to have ideas. It’s our job to make them happen.

custom aluminum window trim and extrusion with specifications

Your Specs. Your Schedule.
Our Custom Aluminum Extrusions.

“Our customers have come to recognize Eagle Mouldings as a premier, single-source supplier for Custom and OEM aluminum extrusions, short lead times, great pricing, and personalized customer service.”

– Mike Kelly,
President/Co-Owner, Eagle Mouldings



Eagle got the call to quote and extrude a large aluminum railing for a newly designed river-spanning bridge. Because we have no built-in limitations on extrusion size, Eagle typically quotes near 100% of all custom aluminum extrusion RFQs.

“We do a lot of government metal fabrication and highly specialized jobs that no one else wants to take on. The bridge railing was a beefy 12-inch extrusion that most extrusion mills can’t handle. But Eagle got it done for us in record time.”

– Specialized Metal Fabricator


To our knowledge, we carry in-stock one of the largest custom aluminum extrusion inventories found anywhere. See our catalog. What is custom anywhere else, may be standard for Eagle Mouldings.

“We searched ‘custom aluminum extrusions’ and found one source that does it all. Eagle creates a custom shape, cuts to custom lengths, applies a custom anodized finish, and fulfills from its own stocking warehouse to ship the same day or next day. They make it easy.”

– Specialty OEM Supplier


Any customer, large or small, has many choices for sourcing their custom aluminum extrusions. And one of them is right. We like to think we should be the first choice. Give us one shot, and we will give you the confidence to continue to do business with Eagle Mouldings.

“Our architects only create custom and original designs, so we are always in need of custom extrusions. Project after project, and year after year, Eagle has come through for us on custom and unique extrusions, plus the turnaround, fabrication and finishing that makes its customer service second to none.”

– Architectural Millwork Firm

custom aluminum slat wall extrusion

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Standard & Custom Finishes

  • Anodizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Bead Blasting
  • Brushing

Fabrication Services

  • Drilling & Countersinking
  • Punching
  • Deburring
  • Forming & Bending
  • Assembly

Custom Aluminum Extrusions & Aluminum OEM FAQs

Why does Eagle stand out when it comes to custom aluminum extrusion companies?

“Yes, we can do that” is the usual answer you’ll get from a Customer Service person at Eagle Mouldings, one of the top aluminum extrusion manufacturers in the USA. It’s especially true when it comes to custom extrusion challenges like turning orders around in one-half the time compared to what’s typical in the market. We’ve built our business on unequaled service, long-lasting vendor relationships, and quality products. We are now able to use our buying power to pass along to our customers even better pricing with shorter lead times. Eagle has a great track record for coming through in a pinch on custom aluminum extrusions. That’s true whether the project requires a fast quote (cutting the time to design and engineer a new shape), or the ability to quote a rare 12” to 16” (or larger) extrusion shape.

How does Eagle differ or stand out from other typical aluminum extrusion suppliers?

In order to deliver custom-run extrusions faster than anyone else, we have created – or have access to – more than 10,000 different aluminum extruder shapes. Being in this business for almost three decades has enabled Eagle Mouldings to forge very valuable relationships around the industry. This often allows us to convert a custom order with a lead time that looks more like that of an order coming from stock or inventory. Our many valuable partner relationships allow us to give the same fast-turn, high quality and custom finishes on both stock and custom extrusions. We always have more than one option – usually several – to choose from when it comes to matching a customer’s project needs with price, quality, and lead time.

How do custom aluminum extrusion buyers – including OEMs – end up with Eagle?

Often, it’s an Internet search for an odd size or shape, on the chance the piece is out there somewhere. That’s actually rare, but it happens at Eagle. One of the most common reactions from customers who buy custom aluminum extrusions from Eagle for the first time is: “I wish I would have known about you five years ago.” Many aluminum extruders say they handle “custom,” but they really prefer to sell a “standard,” or what is available on the website or in their catalog. Eagle specializes in designing and manufacturing custom aluminum extrusions every day.

How do you rate Eagle’s willingness to be flexible and ability work with small orders of aluminum extrusions?

Frequently, aluminum supply companies, not unlike other industries, may not want to deal with – and can’t handle – a custom aluminum extrusion order unless it meets certain minimum volume criteria. That’s especially true with custom extrusions when the spec includes or involves machining, forming and mechanical finishing followed by a specialized anodized finish or a custom color. Economically speaking, they simply can’t drop down to smaller quantities and still get the order done profitably. Eagle Mouldings takes special pride in being agile and small enough to be able to make a custom extrusion order happen. Even when it involves complex combinations of fabrication, color and finish.

How does Eagle handle custom colors and finishes for aluminum extrusions?

One of the most important things we do for custom extrusion customers is to be an expert resource on all the options that exist for custom colors and finishes. An architect, designer or OEM project manager creating something for a new or unique space may have a definite vision for the finished look they want to achieve. We don’t, however, expect them to know the ins and outs of aluminum finishes . . . from anodizing, powder coating and wet painting to all the different mechanical finishes that are available. A designer or architect may call out “brushed finish” when what they actually want is a satin anodized finish. The two finishes are completely different. One is a mechanical finish, and the other is a chemical finish. The looks, and the costs, are very different.

What do custom aluminum extrusion customers say about the quality of Eagle’s extrusions?

Companies who buy custom aluminum extrusions often stay with Eagle Mouldings after their first experiences. Over the course of working with other suppliers, customers find that extrusions arrive at their docks, or on job sites, severely damaged or in substandard condition. Eagle has a reputation for delivering high-quality extrusions, meeting or beating deadlines, and providing the best customer service found anywhere. Every time.

Will you ship aluminum extrusions directly to a job site?

Yes, if someone can sign for the delivery.

Do you ship international orders?

Eagle ships anywhere FedEx and UPS deliver.

Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

Customers can pick up orders during standard business hours. We will also make accommodations, outside business hours, when possible.

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