The Art of Custom Extrusions

Eagle Mouldings Custom Aluminum Extrusions

After more than 30 years in the custom aluminum trim and extrusion manufacturing business, Eagle Mouldings has plenty of experience with aluminum extrusions. We are one of the most reliable and respected sources for custom aluminum extrusion applications serving all government and commercial business sectors. Suitable for everything from factory OEM to Store Fixture, Display and Exhibit manufacturers to Architectural Millwork to RV and Camper to Emergency Vehicle manufacturing to Hot Aisle Containment Extrusions, Eagle Mouldings has the aluminum extrusion solutions for you.

Aluminum Extrusion Defined

A technique used to transform aluminum alloy into objects or shapes with a certain cross-section profile. Aluminum alloy is forced to flow through a “die” of a similar cross-section thus forming aluminum alloy into the new cross-section. The extrusion process gives aluminum most of its unique combination of physical characteristics and properties.

The length of the extruded parts will vary depending on how much aluminum “Billet” is pushed through. Using this process, we can engineer products that require a tremendous amount of geometric changes a lot more efficiently than other metal forming processes.

Solutions for custom extrusions are determined by the type of alloy or raw material, the overall circumference or circle size of the finished product, length and number of geometric cross-sections needed and the overall temperature needed to manipulate the material.

Eagle Mouldings offers over 10,000 different shapes and sizes to customers. In addition, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll create it.

Eagle Mouldings is committed to providing two things, only the highest quality customer service and only the highest quality custom, OEM and stock aluminum extrusions. Whether your project requires a standard shape, or a custom-designed die, we’re capable of delivering high quality, functional profile extrusions that meet your tight schedule and budget.