Hot Aisle Containment and Cold Aisle Containment

Hot and cold aisle containment solutions are used to maximize efficiencies by cooling and removing the heat produced by data storage and processing equipment. Eagle Aluminum is committed to creating solutions with aluminum extrusions that allow for simplistic yet precise airflow management in data center cooling systems.

Eagle’s Hot and Cold Aisle Data Center Containment Solutions. There are many ways to set up a hot aisle cold aisle data center containment design. Regardless of design preference, Eagle Aluminum has an existing OEM product selection to suit your needs, plus we can create a custom aluminum extrusion solution to meet your specifications. Looking for hot and cold aisle containment solutions? We are a designer, manufacturer, stocking warehouse, and supplier of custom & OEM aluminum extrusions for the hot aisle and cold aisle containment industry. Our aluminum tubing is designed and manufactured to be used with our engineered nylon connectors created for hot aisle panel frames and framing systems. Our panel frames use a 1” aluminum square tube with a double flange for holding in data panels and are constructed and held together with our engineered 1” nylon tubing connectors. These components can be used in applications such as thermal drop panels, fixed vertical panels, data center containment panel walls, and barrier panels. Most of our aluminum tubing and frame extrusions are stocked in a satin anodized finish for long life and protection.

Specialty Aluminum Trims & Extrusions

Custom HAC Aluminum Extrusions A high-quality, well-engineered HAC configuration maximizes how efficiently your data center is cooled. Data center curtains, polycarbonate partitions, data panels along with panel extrusions and tubing connectors all play an important part of the equation. At Eagle Aluminum, we have the engineering resources and expertise to create data center cooling systems using specific extruded products for companies of all sizes. We work directly with you to develop custom hot aisle cold aisle containment solutions. Extrusions made with only with the highest quality aluminum alloys and tempered to your ideal specifications. Our team members pride themselves on delivering data center solutions with the shortest lead times available in the industry. Contact Eagle Aluminum for more information on how to make your custom hot aisle containment aluminum extrusion at 1-800-888-2044.

Data Protection is Here to Stay

With the rapid advancements in technology, data centers are situated for growth over the next several years. Some industries such as cloud computing, mobile computing, data storage, data retrieval and data management have become increasingly challenged.

Data centers, which store and manage data for either themselves or other business, are becoming a huge focus area to streamline and bring efficiencies to, which in return means cost savings. In order to keep pace with the global appetite for instant on-demand access to digital information, businesses that manage or depend on “big data” have a constant need for additional data storage capacity.

Aluminum Increases Efficiency

Top Quality Aluminum Supplier

Eagle Aluminum engineers, creates and supplies aluminum extrusion products such as hot and cold aisle data center containment solutions to meet industry specifications and customers ever increasing demands to keep your data center function efficiently.

The Success of Your Project Is Our Number One Goal.

For over 30 years, Eagle Aluminum has provided custom extrusions and components that provide innovative solutions for data center cooling systems. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized customer service that operates step-for-step with your constantly evolving needs, no matter the size or type of business. If you’re searching for a special shape or custom aluminum extrusion for a data center cooling system, Eagle’s team of experts has the experience to create and engineer hot aisle containment solutions that help you gain a competitive edge for your business. Contact Us

Eagle’s Lead Time Keeps Pace with Your HAC/CAC Project

Nobody in the industry beats our lead times when it comes to custom aluminum extrusions made for hot and cold aisle containment solutions. This ensures your cold aisle data center containment project is done within YOUR desired timeframe. Eagle Aluminum soars above the competition with the fastest lead times in the industry. By featuring an in-house engineering staff we can get you from concept to finished solution within weeks, not months.. While others may require several weeks to simply get a die approved and cut, we get you all the way to the finish line with anodized custom extrusions ready to assemble or start your construction project.

We understand that efficient data center cooling is critical to the performance of any data center floor plan. We are equipped to work directly with the customer or with any general contractor that has been tasked to competitively bid a major hot and cold aisle containment systems project and to meet the stringent guidelines and budget set by the customer. Our team will deliver personalized customer service and pay attention to each customer’s unique project needs. We are confident that we will be successful together.

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