Metal Corner Guards & Kick Plate Protectors for Walls

Aluminum & Stainless Steel Corner Guards
In commercial or industrial work environments – such as commercial kitchens, supermarkets, hospitals or manufacturing facilities – large, sometimes heavy equipment has to be maneuvered along narrow passageways and around tight corners. It is inevitable that at some point, they will knock against the walls and corners causing damage.

To protect your walls and corners as well as your equipment, and to keep your work environment looking good, aluminum or stainless steel industrial corner guards or door and wall kick plates are the way to go. You will no longer have to replace or repair cracked and chipped drywall, or attempt to match colors when repainting damaged areas when using industrial metal corner guards.
Stainless steel and aluminum metal corner protectors are perfectly suited to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications, and are ideal for medium to high impact areas like in:

Parking garages
Loading docks
Food processing areas
and others

Our selection of industrial metal corner guards, door and wall kick plates is perfect for any project you may have.