Highest Quality Aluminum RV Exterior Trim Molding Products

Eagle Mouldings manufactures aluminum RV trim, aluminum trailer trim, enclosed trailer exterior trim, cargo trailer trim molding, and supplies rub rail, roof edge, inserts for roof edge, drip gutter, awning tubes, square tubing, rectangular tubing and many other aluminum extrusions for your RV and trailer. We stock aluminum RV trim products, including enclosed trailer exterior trim and cargo and RV exterior trim and replacement molding, in standard mill finish, clear satin anodized finish, or additional finishes and colors upon request.

Specialty Aluminum Trims & Extrusions

Manufacturing Solutions

Eagle Mouldings is ready to meet any production requirements you have. With our light fabrication, finishing, and custom extrusion capabilities you’ll get what you need, every time.

Aluminum trailer trim can be custom finished, bent, drilled, formed, fabricated, and machined to work for virtually any application on your RV, motorhome, or trailer. We are committed to working with you to develop the exact profiles your project requires to achieve all aesthetic, structural, and functional purposes.

Customized for You

Created with Aluminum

Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and durable, making it the best option to increase the utility and longevity of your RV, motorhome, or trailer.

Custom And OEM Aluminum RV,  Motorhome, Trailer Extrusions

Any Type Of Recreational Vehicle

  • RV
  • Camper
  • Car Hauling Trailer
  • Teardrop Camper
  • Vintage Camper
  • Livestock Trailer
  • Pull-Behind Camper Trailer
  • Motorhome

Virtually Any Application

  • Exterior Trim
  • Door Frame
  • Window Framing
  • Counter and Table Edging
  • Kick Plate and Corner Protection
  • Drip Edge
  • Structural Re-Enforcement, Roof, Sides, Floor (Hat Channel)
  • Roof Railing
  • Slide Track Channels
  • Tread Brite
  • Rub Rail

RV, Motorhome, Trailer Aluminum FAQs

Contact our customer service team with any questions at 1-800-888-2044.

Eagle is one of the few remaining small extrusion manufacturers able to supply, finish and inventory the small, intricate and highly-finished trims that the marketplace requires on RV, Motorhome, and Trailers. The trend among aluminum extruders is to focus on larger extrusions, larger volumes, and bigger/faster presses that can push more feet and more pounds of aluminum per hour. Small and intricate trim extrusions for RV, Motorhome, and Trailers don’t fit this mold. Smaller shapes and forms must run at slower speeds, and that goes against the large-volume production model.

It’s typical for a major aluminum extrusion supplier to carry all the larger standard shapes used for a particular industry or customer segment, but usually only in minimum quantities. Eagle can fill large orders for many small standard and specialty extrusions – or even a custom extrusion in one of our stocking programs. We have one of the largest inventories and selections of specialty and custom aluminum extrusions found anywhere.

We are confident that Eagle Mouldings is different than other extrusion suppliers when it comes to the amount, selection and depth of inventory we carry. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and stocking highly finished, low- volume, custom, hard-to-find, and standard aluminum extrusions.

RV, Motorhome, and Trailer manufacturers have a place to call for aluminum extrusions that have been created specifically for their industry. Eagle can deliver custom aluminum trims and extrusions with the same speed, high-quality service, and competitive pricing you are accustomed to when buying stock or standard aluminum extrusion shapes. Most aluminum extrusion supply companies focus on pushing large volume and pounds of aluminum. They like to say they handle custom extrusions, but they prefer to sell from catalogs or what is stocked in inventory. On any given day, you’ll find Eagle Mouldings filling custom aluminum extrusion orders.

Extrusion supply companies often don’t want to work with a small-volume or small-weight custom aluminum extrusion order. That’s because the project or product typically requires special cut lengths, machining, fabrication and custom colors or finishes. Most extruders are focused on large, standard industrial applications instead of small, intricate RV, Motorhome, and Trailer trims. They can’t drop down to small quantities and still create the project. Eagle Mouldings is set up to create custom extrusions for any order size. Eagle will fill an order for one piece, or 1,000 pieces. We run volume for our own inventory so you don’t have to take on volume. We are able to pass on our savings to our customers. We welcome and service each customer regardless of order value or volume.

Yes, we can provide almost any custom color or finish for your aluminum trims and extrusions. Custom finishes for RV, Motorhome, and Trailer applications typically include Satin, Brite-dip, Polishes, Bronze, Black, and Brushed. At Eagle Mouldings we are not just experts in aluminum extrusions, we also specialize in finishes like Anodizing, Powder Coating, Mechanical finishes and Chemical Washes. In particular, this includes advising buyers on techniques that can create the desired highly-finishes look at a lower cost. For example; Polishing, a mechanical finish, is extremely expensive. Brite-dip anodizing provides a similar shiny finish the designer envisions but can be done at a fraction of the cost, which reduces the total finishing cost significantly.

The aesthetic quality of custom-finished aluminum is critical for trims used on an RV, Motorhome, and Trailer. We ship one piece, or by the skid-load of material, all over the country each day. The packaging we use to ship is as important as the extrusion itself. Our job isn’t done until that custom finished aluminum extrusion is properly packaged for protection. Manufacturers often contact Eagle fo the first time because product from a regular vendor has arrived, too many times, in damaged condition. Eagle’s customers have come to expect our product will arrive in production-ready condition every time.

Eagle Mouldings has no order minimum.

Yes, if someone can sign for delivery. No problem.

Customers can pick up orders during standard business hours. We will also make accommodations, outside business
hours, when possible.

Contact Eagle Mouldings for more information about our Specialty Vehicle products at 1-800-888-2044.

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