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Since 1989, we at Eagle Mouldings have strived to offer a diverse inventory, fast turnaround, and friendly customer service. As a aluminum extrusion company our main goal is to meet our customers’ requirements on time, on spec, on budget. We do so by utilizing our extensive industry experience and knowledge as a aluminum extrusion company along with countless strategic partner relationships. Whether you’re in the market for aluminum corner trim, aluminum Z-bar or clips, aluminum flat bar, aluminum hat channel, stackable aluminum slatwall, aluminum slatwall inserts, slatwall panels, aluminum French cleat, stainless steel corner guards and stainless steel kick plates made to your specifications, we carry a broad selection of high quality products at fair, competitive rates.

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Eagle has a reputation for delivering high-quality custom extrusions, meeting or beating deadlines, and providing the best customer service found anywhere. Every time.

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Unmatched Quality

We maintain our reputation as a top aluminum extrusion supplier because of our commitment to quality when it comes to the items we sell. As your best option among aluminum manufacturers, Eagle Mouldings has built a resource of industry partners unlike that of other aluminum extrusion distributors. The fabricators and manufacturers we partner with have the experience and knowledge to produce long-lasting, highly-durable, and aesthetically sound OEM and custom aluminum extrusions and trims. With quality like this, we are the go-to aluminum supplier for all your stock and custom extrusions.

Customer Service

As a leading aluminum extrusion supplier to a diverse set of customers all over the country, we have worked with individuals and businesses across industries. In our experience, when it comes to achieving 100% customer satisfaction for everyone we work with, unmatched customer service is key. The customer service team at Eagle Mouldings prides itself on not only meeting our customers’ expectations but exceeding them. Whether you’re in need of recommendations for which products are right for your project or placing a custom order, you’ll always receive fast and friendly service from our knowledgeable staff. Easily contact a member of our team with questions or comments by phone or through email. We guarantee a speedy reply with a thorough and thoughtful response.

Fast Shipping Across the Country

Compared to the aluminum extrusion distributors out there, we understand how to get you the items you need as quickly as possible. Eagle Mouldings is committed to making sure our customers finish their projects on time, which is why we’ve mastered the shipping process unlike other aluminum manufacturers. By working with top logistic, courier, and trucking companies, we move more efficiently than competing extruded aluminum manufacturers.

Our Strategic Partnerships

When it comes to meeting the unique needs of each of our customers, the right relationships make all the difference. Being in this business for over three decades has enabled Eagle Mouldings to forge very valuable relationships around the industry. This often allows us to convert a custom order with a lead time that looks more like that of an order coming from stock or inventory. Our many valuable partner relationships allow us to give the same fast-turn, high quality and custom finishes on both stock and custom extrusions. We always have more than one option – usually several – to choose from when it comes to matching a customer’s project needs with price, quality, and lead time.

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Excellent4.9 Based on 250 reviews from review us onNicole A.Nicole A. ★★★★★ Eagle Mouldings has been fantastic to work with. Always friendly and willing to help out in any way they can. Tracy is amazing! Whenever we have questions or a prompt order, she always takes good care of us! Their pricing is competitive! We will forever be a fan of Eagle Mouldings.Brad R.Brad R. ★★★★★ Great company to deal with. Robyn was very professional in answering all my questions. She even suggested a slightly smaller cut size which saved me a ton of money in shipping cost. Friendly people. Fair pricing. Timely delivery. What more could you ask for.Hap T.Hap T. ★★★★★ Eagle has all metal profiles and fittings I need and use. They are willing to help prepare my order to make sure I order exactly what I want. I had help from Mallory on line and she sent my order to my email within minutes. I checked. It was perfect. At the time of the order, one of the items was showing only 3 pieces in their stock in the finish I wanted. I accepted 3 in my finish and 1 in the finish that they could supply to fill my order. Next morning Mallory emailed me with a corrected order if I wanted to change (she had checked inventory that morning). She saved me money and got me exactly what I wanted. I consider that five stars. What big company gets less money and does more careful attention and paperwork? They deserve the name Eagle.Jason P.Jason P. ★★★★★ What a great company! When I first called I had nothing but questions as I was trying to find the exact parts I needed. The CSR's Sammy and Mal both answered, and in some cases re-answered all the questions I had with a world of knowledge on the subject and a smile you could almost hear through the phone. The package arrived earlier than expected and was packed so well it took nearly 20 min to unwrap. There was not a single scratch on the trim, so the extra effort was well worth it. Thank you Sammy and Mal for all the help! I would highly recommend to anyone needing trim.No B.No B. ★★★★★ We're a solar company based of DC and have been working with Eagle Mouldings since 2018. Mike and his team have been exceptional to work with. They have outstanding customer service, our materials are always on time, and we've never had any issues. Dealing with such a reliable partner like Eagle Mouldings has been effortless and we look forward to many more years of working together.Chuck A.Chuck A. ★★★★★ Eagle Mouldings has been fantastic to work with. We have been doing jobs with them for the past 5 or more years. The sales staff is outstanding. They are professional and we love talking directly to there owner on big jobs. It's nice to work with companies where the owners are engaged.Bob R.Bob R. ★★★★★ I've been using Eagle's 1-1/4" x 3/8" aluminum Z-Clip stock moldings for years to create removable wall mountings for things like heavy expensive custom beveled mirrors. I recently used them to make the sides of a custom-built, cherry-clad enclosure for a 20U steel A/V rack invisibly removable to allow for future A/V wiring changes and component swap-outs.Before finding Eagle's moldings I used to use generic French cleats to wall hang mirrors and similar objects. Those cleats had a sharp V-profile at the overlap junctions between the wall side and the mounted device side. But I've found that - over time - those mounts tended to hang up in the "V" junction and be a struggle to remove without damaging something.Eagle's EAM-375-S-6 moldings have a smooth, U-shaped curve for the mating surfaces. So the object you're hanging initially slides easily and uniformly into place as it's being hung. Unlike the sharp "V" mounts, It's easy to slide sideways a bit to center up if you're not quite centered on the first try. More importantly the mounted object later lifts out just as smoothly and easily; even years later and while the mount is under load.I buy this molding in lots of 6-foot undrilled strips to later cut to size and drill as needed. I use truss-head screws to securely attach a section each to wall and object without any later fastener interference with mounting and demounting the object.I heartily recommend this product. Eagle's customer service has been pleasant, timely, and accurate in getting me my product.-BobK A.K A. ★★★★★ I was so lucky to have found this company! Doubly lucky because they are local to me, and I could go and pick up my trim!Very high quality, this trim and edging were integral to my "retro countertop" project.HIGHLY recommend!!!js_loader