Our Showcase Products and Aluminum Display Extrusions

Eagle Mouldings is a manufacturer, stocking warehouse, and supplier of Custom and OEM aluminum display extrusions that retail store fixture and display manufacturers need to make shopping experiences come together. We supply slatwall solutions, Z clips, price tag mouldings, J-caps, aluminum sign mouldings, sneeze guard extrusions, extruded aluminum channels, and more to perfectly fit your retail environment.

Your aluminum supplier should care as much as you do. Perfection is the standard for everything that leaves your shop. Building retail displays, aluminum store fixtures and cabinetry is demanding. The work requires true craftsmanship and high-quality aluminum showcase extrusions. Fit and finish at the highest level. Attention to every quality detail. Stepping up to make innovation and creativity happen on tight schedules. No mistakes. No excuses.

Eagle Mouldings knows the “retail experience” drill. Our standard and custom aluminum display extrusions are in store locations around the country. From single-location boutiques to large retailers and the big-box chains. Let’s work together on the next great retail space.

Specialty Aluminum Store Fixtures, Trims & Extrusions

Creating Versatile Displays with Slatwall

Creating aluminum store fixtures or displays that will last the test of time is easy with aluminum slatwall inserts and stackable aluminum slatwall. Slatwall is typically used by commercial store fixture and store display companies to display and organize merchandise. Stackable Slatwall and slatwall inserts create storage and display systems that utilize hooks, shelves, and other accessories which gives users the ability to display, organize, hang, or store virtually anything. The accessories used to secure items can be changed and rearranged as needed to meet your specific needs based on the products, season, or preferences at hand. Aluminum slatwall adds strength to any panel and can help prevent damage to panels from the heavy weight of display items while adding a streamlined, appealing style. Don’t sacrifice aesthetic for functionality; our aluminum retail store fixture products can be anodized or powder coated to ensure the display looks as much purposeful as it is functional. Our slatwall extrusions enhance any panel it’s applied to.

Inspired Retail Spaces

Artfully crafting store fixtures and displays is not ordinary work. Eagle understands that your shop doesn’t just make things – you make things happen. Trust our attentive, knowledgeable team to support you with aluminum trim an extrusion solution that help turn merchandising ideas into shopping experiences.

Aluminum is the hardest working metal in retail. Eagle works equally hard for your business. We can turn RFQs for custom aluminum extrusions really quick. Even faster, if needed. We’re equally efficient at drafting designs, building dies, running prototypes, and adding a finish. Standards and stock items? Eagle expects to be the fastest.

Crafted with Aluminum

From a Single Source

Your project is unique in our shop. We offer a tailored, one-stop solution to provide the best-in-class quality that a retail build requires to be exceptional in function and appearance.

  • Design & Engineering
  • Standard & Custom Extrusions
  • Standard & Custom Finishes
  • Anodizing, Powder Coating, Painting
  • Light Fabrication

Eagle Aluminum Has The Showcase Extrusions And Display Aluminum
You’re Looking For

For Every Retail Environment

  • Home Improvement & DIY
  • Upscale Department Chains
  • Discount Retailers
  • Clothing Boutiques
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sport Arenas
  • Grocery
  • Electronics Retailers
  • Point of Purchase

In Almost Any Form

  • Aluminum Slatwall Inserts
  • Stackable Aluminum Slatwall
  • Wall Panel Extrusions
  • Z-Clips & Z-Bars for Hanging and Mounting
  • Angles, Channels, Coves
  • Reveals, Dividers, J-Caps
  • Flat Bars, Tees
  • Outside and Inside Corners
  • Nosing and Edging

Store Fixture & Display FAQs

Contact our customer service team with any questions at 1-800-888-2044.

Store fixture & display manufacturing companies with an urgent order for standard aluminum extrusions often turn to Eagle because they know we can meet standard-shape needs whether the quantity is 50 pieces, or 2,000 pieces. When a project manager suddenly needs 10,000 linear feet of 1” x 1” equal-leg satin anodized angle – and must have it within a week – only a company with Eagle’s inventory scope and depth can fulfill the order from stock.

It’s not unusual for another aluminum extrusion supplier to carry some of the standard shapes used for fixtures and displays. But the on-hand stock will only be in low to medium-size quantities. Eagle Mouldings works with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the country. When they decide to roll-out a new product or retrofit all locations with a new look, Eagle is the aluminum extrusion company that gets the first call. We carry one of the largest inventories of anodized store fixture and display extrusions found in North America.

We know what it takes to be a premier go-to source for standard and custom anodized aluminum extrusions. Eagle also understands the capabilities of our competitors, who often are not willing to spend the time or the effort to service a smaller account the way we do. Every Eagle customer is important. We work with fixture and display companies who build one store at a time. We also support companies that build chain-wide rollouts for national big-box retailers. We have spent almost 30 years creating solid, long-standing partnerships with customers, along with building one of the largest inventories of custom and standard extrusions to be found anywhere in the United States.

As a large supplier of aluminum Slatwall and Slatwall inserts, Eagle carries one of the largest inventories of Slatwall in the country. We carry a large stock of Slatwall and Slatwall insert so you don’t have to warehouse inventory. This means that we can fulfill nearly any customer order, including one as large as 50,000 pieces, at any given time. We also offer stocking programs that allow companies with limited warehouse space to order one day and receive it the next. Eagle can deliver product to the customer’s dock, anywhere in the country, within a few days after the order is placed. With the popularity of Slatwall and Slatwall insert in retail environments, Eagle Mouldings wins new customers daily on our ability to fulfill and turn orders in days rather than weeks.

We hear it all the time from first-time store fixture & display manufacturing customers. They say: “I wish I would have known about you guys five years ago.” That’s because Eagle Mouldings can provide the same fast, high-quality and competitively priced results whether the need is for standard aluminum shapes or custom and anodized aluminum extrusions. Many aluminum suppliers say they handle “custom,” but what they really mean is they sell what they have available on the website or in their catalog. Eagle Mouldings is solidly in the business of fulfilling custom aluminum extrusions orders. We do it every day of the week.

Eagle provides aluminum extrusions – custom and stock shapes – for store fixture & display manufacturing companies creating lightweight, upscale and custom-finished interior POP systems. Our retail sign frame experience includes extruded frames specialized for LED displays using fabric- or poly-based graphics. We have vast experience collaborating with fixture & display designers and manufacturers who support single stores or small chains, national big-box retailers, and consumer product companies that rollout nationwide.

Many large extrusion companies can only support a custom aluminum extrusion order that involves lots of a simple, heavy shape with significant fabrication and finish work. That’s especially true when the spec starts with engineering, and the finished product involves machining, specialized anodizing and a custom color. In other words, they only want the easy, large orders. They simply can’t do smaller quantities and still complete the order profitably. Eagle Mouldings takes special pride in being small enough and agile enough to make a custom extrusion happen for any order size. Even when it involves complex combinations of fabrication, color and finish. Sign frames – including more and more LED and fabric graphic displays – frequently are custom extrusions.

One of the most important things we do for store fixture & display designers and manufacturers is to be an expert reference on the types of custom colors and finishes critical to the look of a retail final product. A retail-space designer creating something new and unique has a very clear idea about the finished look. But we don’t expect them to know aluminum finishing, from powder coating and wet painting to anodizing and mechanical finishes. A designer might say they are looking for a brushed finish, when what they really want to see is a satin anodized finish.

Store fixture & display manufacturing companies seek out Eagle Mouldings for several reasons. Eagle has a reputation for extremely high-quality products, competitive pricing, lightning-fast turn times, and customer service that is second- to-none. Meeting the toughest deadlines is standard for us. Equally important, customers know our product will arrive at the dock, or on a job site, in great shape every time.

Eagle Mouldings has a variety of stocked aluminum extrusions that can be used for both permanent and portable sneeze guard applications. We also offer custom finishing services to ensure that your sneeze guard barrier looks like a purposeful addition rather than an afterthought.

Eagle Mouldings has no order minimum.

Yes, if someone can sign for delivery.

Eagle ships anywhere FedEx and UPS deliver.

Customers can pick up orders during standard business hours. We will also make accommodations, outside business hours, when possible

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