The Benefits of Slatwall Systems

For any retail space, shop, office, workroom or any place where store displays and fixtures are used, slatwall systems are an excellent solution. These stylish, easy-to-install and configure wall and fixture options, are perfect for many different uses. Since they are made of aluminum, our slatwall systems are lightweight yet extremely durable, which adds to their versatility and uses.

At Eagle Mouldings, we have been providing multiple versions of Slatwall, stackable Slat wall and Slatwall inserts for many different industries including custom store displays and store fixture companies, storage system companies and custom garage slat wall systems. We provide a wide range of different colors, finishes and even styles to fit perfectly with any retail décor or with any storage area or wall Slatwall system.

Retail Slatwall Systems

One of the many issues facing any retail outlet or store is the amount of space to display products or items. The great news is slatwall allows you to turn vertical wall space into multiple displays and merchandising areas.
Choosing a heavier slatwall extrusion for your retail wall display systems allows virtually limitless storage space for hanging clothing or anything displayed on hooks or hangers, storage space in storerooms, garages, workspaces or parts.

Since slatwall systems can be custom designed with just a simple change in where hooks and shelves are located, it is perfect for a retailer with any merchandise. With an unlimited number of possible configurations, shelving, hooks, hangers, display areas can constantly be changed and arranged based on your unique needs.

Slatwall Storage and Heavy Duty Hanging Systems

Used in many retail stores, industrial and manufacturing spaces or even in restaurants, kitchens, garages, or for interiors of storage sheds, our slatwall systems make a perfect wall storage or display system. With easy to move or remove hooks and the possibility of arranging shelves and storage at any level on the wall, it is a space and time-saving feature where nearly everything is easy to see and access.

When Slatwall is used for retail wall display systems, the strength of the system is in the slat wall insert which is durable enough to stand up to even heavy industrial use. The slats are designed to be continuous over most surfaces, and we can cut to order if you have a unique length required.

We also offer a variety of different finishes and colors of Slatwall and Slatwall inserts, setting our Slatwall systems apart from other systems on the market. In addition to standard mill finish in stock, we can also provide anodized or powder coat finishes for a unique look. Brite Dipped, Satin Clear, Black or bronze finishes are just a few of the colors we can supply. We can get you the Slatwall system and look you need that stays within your budget.