Aluminum Square Tubing – Cut to Size

Eagle Mouldings manufactures and stocks high-quality aluminum square tubing. We combine high-quality aluminum extrusions with state-of-the-art machining techniques to manufacture custom and OEM square aluminum tubing products. Commercial companies and individuals use our products to bring their project plans to life because we only use the highest quality, highest strength raw materials available. We also have a talented and skilled on-staff engineering team to help you create products to your custom specifications. 

With consistently high ratings from our customers, the aluminum square tubing from Eagle Mouldings is second to none! 

Advantages of Aluminum Tubing
One of the outstanding qualities of aluminum square tubing is that it is a low-cost material that requires a low level of maintenance. Usually, other metals such as iron and copper require additional steps to prevent corrosion and rust. However, this is not the case with aluminum extrusions since it does not corrode or rust easily. For added corrosion resistance, you can easily have Eagle Mouldings anodized your aluminum extrusions. Now your aluminum square tubing is good-looking and resistant to corrosion, increasing the longevity of your project. 

If you are looking to fabricate your aluminum square tubing via bending, the process of bending aluminum square tubing is much easier as compared to other materials such as steel or iron. This is because aluminum is quite malleable in nature because it is an alloy of mixed metals and not in its pure elemental form. Despite this fact, bending aluminum tubing into the desired arc can be a quite challenging task, best left to the professionals at Eagle Mouldings. 

The Many Uses of Aluminum Square Tubing
With its high strength-to-weight ratio, extruded aluminum tubing is often used for manufacturing parts for cars, boats, aircraft, trucks, and railway cars. Aluminum square tubing is an extruded product that is also widely used for all types of Custom and OEM fabrication projects where lightweight and corrosion resistance is a primary concern.  

Eagle Mouldings is the supplier that boat, automotive, plane, and railway manufacturers count on for their aluminum extrusions. With our capabilities to create virtually any extrusion within your specifications, on your timeline and within your budget, Eagle Mouldings is the supplier that the pros trust.  

Eagle Mouldings also carries square tubing that pairs with nylon connectors. Create the frame, partition, or sneeze guard that your job requires. Aluminum square tubing with connectors are a versatile product that can work for countless applications.  

When you need extruded aluminum tubing, Eagle Mouldings is your one-stop-shop. We carry an impressive line of stocked standard and custom extruded tubing in many sizes, thicknesses, and finish options. At Eagle Mouldings we specialize in creating and stocking both standard and custom and OEM extruded aluminum square tubing. You will find just the size, shape, and style of tubing you need for your project, or we will help you create it.  


Cutting to Length and Other Services at Eagle Mouldings  

When it comes to aluminum square tubing, ensuring it is prepped and ready for installation is essential for your project’s success. Taking advantage of the services offered at Eagle Mouldings saves your team time and on-the-job finishing tasks.  

  • Cutting to Length. Eagle Mouldings offers cut-to-length services that compare to none. Send over the dimensions you need your aluminum square tubing cut to, and we will cut, package, and ship out both your sized aluminum tube pieces as well as any “drops” or leftovers. Making a frame and need miter cuts? We do those too! 
  • Finishing. We know that standard mill finish aluminum square tubing does not always make the cut. That is why we offer a variety of different anodized, powder-coated, and painted finishes. Looking for something a bit more specialized? We can custom match, special order, or create almost any finish you have in mind.  
  • Fabricating. Whether you need holes drilled, angles welded, or bending services, Eagle Mouldings has you covered. Simply chat with one of our customer service representatives, send over a drawing, or submit an inquiry on our website.  

Top Quality Aluminum Extrusions at Eagle Mouldings 

Eagle Mouldings is an aluminum supplier dedicated to providing fast delivery, great pricing, and personalized customer service. We have one of the largest aluminum extrusion inventories in the country and we are standing by to answer your questions, take your order, and customize your service for exactly what you need. Contact Eagle Mouldings today.