Aluminum Plank Extrusions – The Best Choice for Your Decking System

Aluminum Plank Extrusions - Eagle Mouldings

When it comes to your outdoor space, you want your decking solutions to last. Whether you are creating the outdoor living space of your dreams, manufacturing pull-behind trailers, or constructing a spectator bleacher stand or athletic arena, aluminum deck planks are the premiere option.

Aluminum Decking Lasts Longer

There are several benefits of using aluminum for decking and bleacher needs. One of the primary benefits is that compared to its wood material options, aluminum decking lasts much longer. Aluminum deck planks repel moisture, mold, and mildew and withstand outdoor elements for a much more extended period. Because of this, aluminum does not mold or decay, so you won’t have to worry about mildew destroyed decking. Many types of the best aluminum decking materials feature self-draining channels to ensure the surface is free of moisture.

Aluminum Deck Planks Are Resistant to Pests

Often, wood decking deteriorates faster than necessary due to pests such as termites, other insects, and rodents. Aluminum deck planks do not attract those unwanted creatures, ensuring that this decking material option is safe from unwanted pest damage. As an added benefit, because pests are not attracted to aluminum docking, you do not bring them towards your living or commercial building.

Aluminum Docking Planks Are Low Maintenance

When you choose aluminum deck planks, the maintenance is minimal; wash it down to remove any of nature’s debris. Other types of decking material options such as wood or manufactured materials often need treatments or stains to increase the decking system’s longevity. If your aluminum deck system is exposed to water, such as in marine environments, you also have the option of anodizing your aluminum deck planks for increased corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Decking has Built-in Traction

Wood deck planks and other compressed or artificial deck planks often become slippery when damp. Aluminum deck planks are the best material option for decking because they include a non-skid traction strip to ensure they are safe to walk on when wet. This trait makes aluminum plank extrusions great for marine environments, arenas, and stadiums, or around swimming pools.

Aluminum Decking Offers High Durability

You want your aluminum docking to not only last longer but maintain integrity through the wear and tear of use. Aluminum planks are known to hold up over time without bending, warping, twisting, cracking, or rusting. This characteristic of aluminum docking planks is essential for decking and dock areas that handle foot traffic, including jumping, dancing, spilled drinks, and more.

Aluminum Deck Planks are Sustainable

Aluminum is the most abundant mineral on earth after oxygen and silicon and is 100% recyclable. This environmental characteristic means that if you send your aluminum cans, foil, or extrusions off to be recycled, they can be melted down and created into something new an infinite number of times without losing properties. This fundamental trait is something that is not found in other decking material options. Wood deck planks require the destruction of trees, lots of wasted material, and decay over time. Additionally, once your wood decking needs to be replaced, the wood is virtually unusable and has no purpose.

Aluminum Deck Planks Available in A Variety of Styles

The versatility of aluminum extrusions allows for virtually endless possibilities when it comes to aluminum deck planks. You can select a variety of stocked and special-order aluminum deck extrusions from Eagle Mouldings,  or you can even design your own from scratch with the assistance of our customer service team. From interlocking aluminum deck planks to our standard shapes, Eagle Mouldings is the supplier the pros trust. Additionally, Eagle Mouldings offers various custom finishes if you want to add that extra oomph to your aluminum decking.

Eagle Mouldings has your Aluminum Bleacher and Decking Solutions

For over 30 years, Eagle Mouldings has been the specialty aluminum trims and extrusions supplier that the pros trust. We feature an extensive list of extrusions, custom finishing services, light fabrication, and wholly custom and OEM extrusion capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a stocked angle, channel, or tube or you have a new idea for something great, our team of knowledgeable professionals is standing by to assist you. Check out our online catalog to easily browse our stocked extrusions, read more blog posts about aluminum extrusions, or request a quote online for your American-made extrusion.