Aluminum Angle Extrusions

At Eagle Aluminum our aluminum angle extrusions (L-shaped aluminum channels) are an extruded aluminum product. Our angled aluminum extrusions are stocked and immediately available in a variety of alloys, tempers, sizes, thicknesses and lengths, with equal legs or unequal legs. Aluminum angle extrusions have a high resistance to corrosion and are easy to machine, cut, or weld. Aluminum angle extrusions have a high strength to weight ratio and are resistant to stress cracks and are non-magnetic. Aluminum is used in an almost endless variety of commercial and industrial construction projects, as well as manufactured products. Aluminum angle sizes and shapes also vary to fit various applications and requirements.

aluminum awnings

Aluminum Angle | Uses & Sizes

1/16" (.0625") - Equal Angles
Item Number A B C
A-141 0.2500 1.0000 0.0625
AN-40 0.3125 0.3125 0.0468
EAM-2672 0.3130 1.5000 0.0625
AN-22 0.3750 0.3750 0.0468
A-102 0.3750 0.3750 0.0625
AN-23 0.3750 0.7500 0.0468
AN-62 0.3750 1.0000 0.0625
AN-64 0.3750 1.5000 0.0625
AN-24 0.5000 0.5000 0.0468
A-103 0.5000 0.5000 0.0625


0.5000 0.7500 0.0468
A-904 0.5000 1.0000 0.0625
AN-73 0.5000 2.0000 0.0625
A-1144 0.5625 1.7500 0.0625
AN-77 0.6250 0.6250 0.0625
EAM-3047 0.6250 2.2500 0.0625
AN-27 0.7500 0.7500 0.0468
A-803 0.7500 0.7500 0.0625
AN-85 0.7500 1.0000 0.0625
AN-86 0.7500 1.5000 0.0625
EAM-2313 0.7500 2.2500 0.0625
AN-89 0.8125 0.8125 0.0625
AN-95 0.8750 0.8750 0.0625
A-903 1.0000 1.0000 0.0625
EAM-3486 1.0000 1.5000 0.0625
AN-31 1.0000 2.0000 0.0468
AN-101 1.0000 2.0000 0.0625
EAM-3487 1.0000 2.2500 0.0625
A-2281 1.0000 2.5000 0.0625
AN-104 1.0000 3.0000 0.0625
AN-105 1.0625 1.0625 0.0625
A-1003 1.2500 1.2500 0.0625
A-1425 1.5000 1.5000 0.0625
AN-109 1.7500 1.7500 0.0625
A-2419 2.0000 2.0000 0.0625

Structural aluminum angles come in many different sizes and have multiple uses. Angled aluminum is lightweight, has considerable strength and versatility which makes it the perfect apparatus for structural projects. Architectural Angles are used where aesthetic appearance is of primary importance. They have sharper, squarer corners and are usually made from 6063 aluminum alloy and finished with a –T6 temper. Click here for more information on ideal applications for structural and architectural aluminum angles.
Aluminum angle extrusions (especially L-shaped aluminum channels) are also used in constructing frames and braces, supports in trailers and truck beds, table and countertop edging including furniture applications, decorative moldings, trims, aluminum corner guards, out corners and door construction. Our angled aluminum extrusions are available in a variety of anodized and mechanical finishes and different aluminum angle sizes, sure to add an aesthetically pleasing element to any architectural or design project. Aluminum angle extrusions are also easy to maintain, clean, and polish, making them a long-lasting, sturdy addition.
All of our aluminum angles are also available in equal legs and unequal legs. At Eagle Aluminum, our readily available extruded aluminum angle sizes include, but are not limited to the following wall thicknesses of 1/16", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4". A 90-degree extrusion is by far the most common for angle stock. You can also find angles with a less than 90-degree form that leave the legs more open than 90-degrees.

Aluminum Angles | Custom & OEM

Eagle Aluminum is a Manufacturer, Stocking Warehouse, and Supplier of Custom and OEM aluminum angles and extrusions. If we don’t have the extruded aluminum angle that meets your specifications, our professionals will help you create and engineer one to meet your needs. Our custom and OEM extrusion services enable us to meet nearly any aluminum extrusion need our customers may have.

Extruded Aluminum Angle Buying Guide

Most projects will require one of two types of extruded aluminum angles: extruded architectural aluminum angles or extruded structural aluminum angles. The structural aluminum angle has rounded inside corners and is most commonly used for structural applications where lightweight, yet high-strength material is required. The architectural aluminum angle has square corners on both the inside and outside of the angle and is typically used in light structural and cosmetic uses. Here at Eagle Mouldings, we supply both types of extruded aluminum angles.

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At Eagle Aluminum satisfied customers are our passion. We continuously strive to provide fast, friendly, and helpful customer service. We supply only the highest quality extruded aluminum angles and out corners available. Each order is professionally packed and shipped to anywhere in North America. Call us today or shop our easy website to get started on the order. Eagle Aluminum is your aluminum extrusion resource. Need more? Explore our catalogs. We also carry and stock Z Clips and Slat Wall Inserts.