Eagle Ceiling Clip Performance Information

Eagle Ceiling Clips ZCP-600-2.5 ZCP-600-72 ZCP-600-144
Clip Width: 2.5″
Continuous (Rail) Length: 72 Inch 144 Inch
Lift-Off .383 inch .383 inch .383 inch
Projection/Stand-Off: .725 inch .725 inch .1725 inch
Clip Height: 1.733 inch 1.733 inch 1.733 inch
Clip Hole Size: .210 inch .210 inch .210 inch
Aluminum Material: 6005-T6 6005-T6 6005-T6

How Eagle Ceiling Clips Work

Made from heat treated hardened aluminum and available in 2.5″, 6′ and 12′ lengths either Punched or un-punched, the Eagle Ceiling Clips make installation fast and easy.

To install, simply fasten one Z Clip to the wall and another to the panel you want to hang. The Z shaped clips wedge together locking the panels solidly and securely in place. They are:

  • Ideal for hanging Wall & Acoustical Panels, Partitions, Frames, Cabinets, Signs, Mirrors or Artwork
  • Available in pre-cut and punched 2.5″ length
  • Available in punched or un-punched 6′ and 12′ lengths (punched every 8″ on center)
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely strong
  • Very secure
  • Same day shipping

Learn More About Eagle Aluminum Z Clips

For Hanging Acoustic Panels, Ceiling Panels, Wall Panels

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