Panel-Clips Won’t Leave You Hanging

Eagle Mouldings Panel Clips Wont Leave You Hanging

When you are working on a big construction or remodeling job, time is money and every minute counts. To maximize profitability on many jobs, taking every advantage you can get ensures you can save time while not sacrificing the kind of high-quality work that your reputation was built on. This is where a great mounting hardware solution like panel-clips  becomes important. Panel Clips, also known as z clips, can help you save time and r provide top-quality work that you can stand behind with confidence.

The Problem

When hanging large wood panels, partitions, mirrors, or other decorative pieces, nobody wants to see the hardware used for the application such as screws or nails on the face of the finished product. In instances where face-nailing is an option it still takes up valuable time on the job site. Further, once you nail something to a wall, it is very troublesome to remove and you may risk structural damage to your wall or costly damages to the panel you’re removing. So what is the best solution?

The Solution

Panel-clips have been used as a hanging solution for hundreds of years. The clips allow for pre-finishing your work away from the job site. When on the installation site all you have to do is hang the aluminum z bar extrusion and attach the panels. In comparison to other mounting solutions, the z-clip extrusions offer the best value because of the quick-install feature of the product. Made from heat-treated hardened aluminum and available in 2″, 6′ and 12′ lengths with options of either punched or un-punched styles. You can purchase z-clips ready to install or order cut-to-length to ensure your furring channel hanging hardware is perfectly fitted to your application, all before you even get to the job site!

Aluminum panel hangers are gentle on the walls and prevent any structural damage, easy to install, and versatile. The clips can hold a substantial amount of weight and remain concealed on the wall on the back of the panels, and do not detract from the finished product. With options for adhesive application, panel clips are your answer for mounting just about anything!

How Panel-Clips Work

The idea behind Z clips is similar to the idea of a hanger and a nail for a painting. To install, simply fasten one Z Clip or Z bar to the wall where you’d like the panel applied and another z-clip to the panel you want to hang but reversed. The Z-shaped clips wedge together locking the panels solidly and securely in place. The great time-saving advantage of this is that you can pre-attach the clips to the panels before you ever get to the job site, so all you must do is attach the z bar to the wall and pop the panels in place when you get there. This can cut down your installation time for most projects by 50 percent or more saving you both time and money. Another advantage is that you can remove the panels (or whatever else you mounted to the wall) just as easily, without damaging the wall. Panel-clips are the best choice because are easy to install, inexpensive, and tough.

Benefits of Using Panel Clips

Aluminum panel clip extrusions can be used for interior and exterior applications for both home and commercial properties. The z bar is a versatile profile used in construction, store fixture and displays, signage, enclosures, cabinets, and hanging storage bins and racks. There are many construction applications where z bars, or z channels, can be used for furring out walls or used for insulation applications.

Aluminum z bar extrusions can support a considerable amount of weight and perfect for hanging cabinets or storage enclosures for a concealed installation look. Aluminum z bar extrusions are a lightweight product, protects against fire and moisture, and naturally resists corrosion. Z bars can be cut to length for many applications, custom anodized for color matching, and budget-friendly for any type of project.

The Pro’s Choose the Eagle Clip

Eagle Mouldings stocks an entire line of panel hanging solutions. Our aluminum Eagle Z Clips and Z bar stock are engineered and temper-hardened for maximum strength and holding power. Our Z Clip product line consists of the Eagle Z-clip, cleated bar or cleated rail, smooth bar or smooth rail, and aluminum Z bar. Whether you’re looking for a 3/8″ lift-off, 5/8″ lift-off, 1-1/2″ wide, 2″ wide, 3″ wide, 1/4″ standoff or 3/16″ standoff, cleated or smooth, standard, custom or special order, Eagle Mouldings is ready to help provide the exact solution that fits your need.

Eagle Mouldings is a leading supplier of custom, OEM and specialty aluminum trims and extrusions. We specialize in creating custom aluminum extrusions for almost any aluminum trim or aluminum shape. If you don’t see the Z Clips you require for your project, please contact our knowledgeable customer service staff at Eagle Mouldings. We’re here to help you design, engineer and create the perfect extrusion.