Home Applications for Z Clips

When it comes to your home, there are a number of decisions to make to keep it comfortable and functional for your family. When undertaking projects around the house, many people are intimidated to take on tasks themselves, instead spending a great deal of money on professionals to take care of the changes that need to get done. Fortunately, there are a number of easy to use, versatile products available for home applications that the average person can master. One of the most popular products used in the home is the aluminum Z clip. We’ll explore what exactly a Z clip is, as well as the variety of home Z clip applications for this durable and inexpensive product.

What are Z Clips and How Do They Work?

Very simply, Z clips are a convenient product used to hang both large and small items, including wall panels, artwork, signs, and more. Many enlist the help of Z clips for projects because of their simplicity during installation, as well as the fact they cause very little surface damage. Additionally, Z clips are just as easy to remove when needed. Z clips are available in a range of sizes depending on need, but all are incredibly durable and able to hold a great deal of weight.

Z clips work by first attaching one Z clip to the object that you are planning to hang. Then, another Z clip is screwed into the wall. The two Z clips create a male and female piece that securely fit together. Because you can control where the Z clips are attached to the object and the wall, you can ensure they are kept concealed and invisible to the eye.

Home Applications for Z Clips

Hanging Artwork. One of the most common Z clip uses in the home is to hang artwork. We’ve all experienced at one time or another, the hassle and frustration that comes with hanging artwork in our homes. Often, we rely on methods like wire hangers that not only show the hardware being used but also make it difficult to keep artwork in place without shifting or becoming crooked. Z clips provide the support you need to keep picture frames and artwork aligned. Another great benefit of using Z clips to hang picture frames and artwork is that their concealability keeps your items flush against the wall, creating neat and clean lines for an organized appearance.

Hanging Cabinets and Storage Units. In addition to hanging picture frames and artwork, another common home application of Z clips is for hanging storage units such as kitchen cabinets, home office cabinets, or garage storage units. If you are in the process of remodeling your home or are considering performing renovations, Z clips can be incredibly helpful. When it comes to considering ways to hang cabinets throughout your home, one thing to ensure is that your hanging system can bear a lot of weight. In the kitchen, in particular, plates, pots, pans, bowls, and more, put a great strain on cabinets. Z clips are equipped to keep your cabinets in place and strong enough to manage the items you need to store.

Exterior Home Applications. In addition to many interior applications in the home, Z clips also come in handy for a variety of applications on the exterior. Some of the most common exterior home applications for Z clips include hanging window shutters, hanging decorative wall panels, and hanging cladding systems. Z clips are the right choice for many exterior home applications because of their durability. Despite even the harshest conditions in weather and moisture, Z clips are very durable and resistant against corrosion. Their strength ensures the items you’re hanging are kept securely in place for a great deal of time.

Hanging Wall Panels. Another very popular home use for Z clips is to hang wall panels. Wall panels are essential for homeowners looking to create a stylish home without committing to the costly and time-consuming process of completely tearing down existing walls. Wall panels can be very heavy and require a hanging system that can truly hold up. Z clips provide the strength needed for the job. The specific size and type of Z clip you’ll use to hang wall panels in your home will be determined by the material of the wall panel. For example, glass or acrylic wall panels have different needs than wood wall panels. No matter the wall panels you need to hang in your home, all benefit from the fact that Z clips make hanging wall panels a very quick process for installation and removal.

Z Clips from Eagle Mouldings

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