Construction Uses of Z Clips

Eagle Mouldings Aluminum Z Clips Use

Beginning a construction project, just as the remodel of a home, store, or office space, is an exciting yet overwhelming adventure. An important step of the process is to determine the right tools you’ll need to complete the job and ensure that your space not only looks great, but is built at a high level of quality to maximize functionality and longevity. One product that is particularly useful for construction projects are aluminum Eagle – Clip Z Clips. From quick and easy do it yourself projects to large architectural undertakings, Z clips offer limitless possibilities due to their strength, durability, and concealability. Read on to learn more about this mighty piece and the ways it can be useful for your next project.

What are Z Clips?

Z clips are a versatile product that makes it easier to hang large and small items such as wall panels, wall cladding, signage, and artwork, to name just a few. They work by first screwing one Z clip into the wall the object you plan to hang will be placed. Then, a second Z clip is affixed to the wall panel or piece of artwork to be hanged. Together, the two Z clips form a female and male piece that securely attach to one another. Unlike other hanging systems, such as hinges and wire hangers, Z clips are a popular choice because of their concealability. When the two Z clips have been attached to each other, the object you’ve hung will completely cover the Z clips. This allows you to create neat, clean lines throughout your space.

Many undergoing construction and remodel projects opt for Eagle Mouldings’ z clips because they are very easy. Z clips can similarly be removed with ease if needed and used repeatedly for additional mounting locations. They are a popular choice for construction projects because of their incredible strength and durability. Though many Z clips are small in size, they can hold a great deal of weight, and commonly used in commercial wall panel installations.

Z Clips Construction Uses

When it comes to functionality, it’s hard to beat what is offered by Z clips. For this reason, they are a go-to choice for homeowners and developers looking to remodel or build. The wide variety of applications for Z clips ranges from everything including hanging storage units to affixing artwork. Z clips uses include:

Hanging Wall Panels. Hanging wall panels is the most common use of Z clips for construction projects. Serving as the visible and exposed surface of the wall, wall panels play an important role in the overall aesthetics of your new space. Using Z clips, you can hang all types of wall panels in minimal time, whether you’re planning to hang wall pads for a new gym or acoustic wall panels to ensure your new build is capable of blocking outside noise. Depending on the material your wall panels are made of, it is important to determine the specific type of Z clip that will work best for each application.

Hanging Storage Units. One of the most important parts of remodeling a space is to determine where you’ll store items. Whether you’re selecting cabinets for your kitchen or filing units in an office, you’ll need a hanging system that can bear the weight and hold up over time. Z clips are a great choice for hanging storage spaces during construction and remodeling projects, as they can manage a great deal of weight while still remaining invisible to the eye.

Exterior Applications. While we typically think of Z clips as useful products for interior applications during construction projects, there are also a number of exterior uses. For example, when installing new exterior decorative wall panels, window shutters, or wall cladding systems, Z clips are a must. Not only are they the obvious choice for such applications because of their strength, but they are also useful for such construction projects because of their resistance to corrosion. Built from aluminum, Z clips will not rot or break down with prolonged exposure to hard weather elements such as moisture and wind.

Hanging Signage and Artwork. If your construction project or remodel calls for signage or the hanging of artwork, Z clips are a must. They will affix your signs and art to the wall easily, keeping objects flush against the wall and in place with perfect alignment.

Eagle Mouldings Z Clip Solutions

Eagle Mouldings offers a wide variety of lightweight, supportive, and highly durable Z clip options for construction use. Our knowledgeable representatives are standing by to help you determine which type of Z clip is the right fit for the specific needs of your project, so contact us today.