Choose Panel Clip Hangers for Your Next Project

Eagle Mouldings Choose Panel Clip Hangers

Are you searching for a simplistic and cost-efficient way to secure different wall applications? Whether you’re hanging small wall decorations or a large panel job like cabinetry or store fixtures, you want to make sure your items are secure. Panel clips and Z clips are inexpensive solutions and can be purchased in varying quantities and lengths depending on your project needs. Additionally, panel clip hangers provide a wealth of other benefits, such as quick and easy installation and little to no structural damage, which is why they are the number one choice among builders, contractors, designers, and professionals alike for mounting jobs.

How Do You Use Clips?

Panel hangers and Z clips can be made from different types of materials, but heat-treated aluminum Z clips are the most widely used form of metal hangers. Aluminum Z clips offer a great amount of durability and strength, while easily supporting rather heavier applications, such as acoustic paneling, mirrors, framing, store fixtures, and more. Unlike other methods of wall hanging applications, Z panel clips interlock tightly with one another which maximizes the total load capacity aluminum Z panel clips are able to withstand. Whether you’re a novice taking on a weekend project or a professional completing a big job installing aluminum Z clips is extremely easy. The installation process simply involves securing one Z clip onto a wall and the other Z clip into the panel you want to hang. Once you’ve attached your Z clips to both the wall and the object you’re looking to display, you can line the two clips up and fasten them into place to create a strong, dependable hold. Your Z clip requirements will vary largely depending on the specific item you are mounting, so before you begin your mounting job access the weight and size of the object you are mounting. Aluminum Z clips are incredibly strong but if needed more holding power can be added by using additional Z clips or Z rails. For more information on aluminum Z clip load capacity check out Eagle’s  Z clip strength and load test.

Artwork, Signage, Paneling, & More

Z panel clips can be used to complete a variety of hanging applications, be it in the office, retail shop, art gallery, repair garage, or at home. The versatility of Z clips truly provides a one size fits all solution for nearly every hanging project imaginable no matter the size or weight. Aluminum panel clips can be trusted to secure a lengthy list of items, allowing professionals, business owners, and homeowners to enhance the appearances of their workspaces or home while promoting better organization. With the help of quality aluminum panel hangers and Z clips, you can speedily and confidently hang artwork, signage, partitions, cabinets, shelving, and more. A dependable Z clip supplier will allow you to purchase the quantity and style of Z clip you need at a price you can afford. Eagle Mouldings stocks an assortment of sizes and varieties of aluminum Z Clips and panel hanging products that can get the job done. If you need special Z clip sizes, we provide custom OEM Z clips that can be designed to fit the unique needs of your project.

More Efficient & Reliable Solution

In comparison to other methods of securing wall applications, aluminum Z panel clip hangers will offer the best value for your dollar. Purchasing the items needed for other techniques may be inexpensive; however, that doesn’t account for tedious installations, structural damage, and lack of strength. Aluminum panel hangers are not only affordable, but are also easy to set up, gentle on walls, and strong enough to secure a wide variety of objects. Regardless of the type of items, you’re interested in hanging, panel clips will deliver the results you need.

Z Clips and Panel Clip Hangers from Eagle Mouldings

Eagle Mouldings provides an unmatched selection of Z clips for home & commercial applications that are sure to meet the specific needs of your project. Browse our collection of top quality Z clips online, or contact us today to discuss which options are right for you. Our knowledgeable product experts are standing by to assist you and help you on your way to completing your projects quickly and at a price you’ll love.