Hang On! What’s an Aluminum French Cleat?

French cleats were originally made of interlocking wood wedges and were mainly use in carpentry to hold an object securely in place on a vertical surface, while still allowing for easy removal.

Today, modern versions of this useful piece of hardware are usually made from aluminum, and are a simple, strong and reliable way to hang almost any flat object on a wall – paintings, photographs, signage, framed mirrors, display boards or any other objects that require support along their entire length.

How Aluminum French Cleats Work

Commonly called Z Clips, Z rails, Z bars, Z hangers, hanging clips, hanging bars, hanger rails or hanging cleats, all aluminum French cleats work in essentially the same way as the original: One metal cleat is attached to the wall, and one – flipped the other way – is attached to the back of the item you want to hang. The two cleats are then connected together, and the object in question is kept in place by gravity and its own weight.

They can be used indoors and out, and are suitable for both commercial and home applications.

Light duty cleats are ideal for hanging items of small to average size, but a medium to heavy-duty aluminum French cleat is perfect for supporting very heavy items like wood panels and acoustical panels that can’t be hung using other hanging methods.

Recommended Uses for Aluminum French Cleats

Eagle Mouldings aluminum Z Clips and Z bars or Z Rails are a cost-effective way to hang, fasten and secure almost anything including wall panel, acoustical panel, partitions, frames, cabinets, signage, mirrors or artwork.

An aluminum French cleat has an added advantage, other than simply being an effective way to flush mount an object. It is the perfect item to use when you want the hanging hardware to be hidden from view behind the object being hung. Unlike many other hangers, Eagle Mouldings French cleats allow for invisible, clean suspension.

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