Panel-Clips Offer Durability and Versatility for Hanging Applications

To save time and prevent cosmetic or permanent damage to your walls, panel-clips are a great option to consider for your next hanging project in your home or office. Here at Eagle Mouldings, we offer a wide range of Z clip sizes to suit your hanging needs.

Benefits of Using Clips

Strength and reliability are a top priority when it comes to hanging objects in your home. Our clips are made from aluminum and offer lightweight durability, while also providing reliable support. In addition to having a great strength-to-weight ratio, our aluminum clips are also resistant to corrosion.

Our Z Clips are a great replacement option for traditional hanging methods such as hinges or wire hangers that can be unsightly. A panel clip hanging system can provide the same functionality, with little to no surface damage and relatively simple installation. First, one Z Clip is screwed into the wall where you want to hang an object, then a second Z Clip is attached to the object being hung. The two Z Clips create a male and female piece, when attached together they mate, allowing a secure hanging solution for hanging nearly anything. Once the object is installed, it will cover the Z clips entirely.

Versatile Options for Any Application

Eagle Mouldings wide assortment of panel-clips offers a variety of products that can be used to hang up mirrors, wall panels, small decorations, and even cabinets. The ability to resist corrosion allows the clips to be great for use in outdoor applications such as hanging signage or other decorations for the garage or patio. Offices can also benefit from these types of clips, allowing you to hang up business materials and posters with easy installation and a clean appearance.

Convenient Clips Help Save Time and Costs

We know how valuable time and money are, which is why we offer panel-clips that are easy to install at a competitive price. Using only two components and 4 screws, our Z clips allow you to hang that picture frame or whiteboard quickly and easily. Our clips are also economical with the option to purchase them in bulk, saving you from making multiple trips to the store. Our experts can assist you in determining the style, quantity, and size of the clips needed to complete your hanging project.