How to Choose the Right Z Bars for the Job

There are different types of Z bars on the market, so it is important to know how to choose the right one for your needs. Selecting the right type of Z bar extrusion will greatly depend on the type of job you are doing. Whether you’re hanging shelving units, mounting store fixtures, or other types of wall displays, you are guaranteed to need Z bars that are sturdy and durable for the maximum amount of support. Fortunately, we have broken down the top things to look for when purchasing Z bars to make your research and buying process easier.

Understanding the Uses of Aluminum Z Bars

Z bars are traditionally used to hang and secure items to a wall that may be too heavy for more conventional mountings methods. Aluminum Z bars are known to be stronger and more durable than other materials due to its natural properties, which is why you are more likely to find this product is used in a number of different mounting applications. Using Z bars in combination with aluminum z clips can provide a quick and easy installation where ensuring items are plumb, square, and level to aid in many critical building and remodeling projects.

Common applications where you might find aluminum Z bars being used most often are in construction and remodeling environments such as shelving units and store displays, signage, cabinets, wall panels, or hanging artwork and mirrors.

Understanding Your Project Needs

Most mounting jobs call out the use of aluminum Z bars because of their ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and structural support. Before purchasing aluminum Z bars for your project, review the specifications of your job to narrow down the exact requirements of your mounting needs.

Your aluminum Z bar research should begin with understanding what items are to be mounted. This step is the most crucial planning step because the type of Z bar extrusion you will need will largely depend on what you are mounting. If you are using aluminum Z bars to install wall panels, your project needs will differ from projects that are using Z bars to mount store fixtures, cabinets, or signs.

This leads us to the next thing every builder should consider, the weight. Aluminum Z bars can support a considerable amount of weight. But before selecting your aluminum Z bars, we still recommend reviewing the weight specifications of the item you will be mounting, but the potential total weight that the Z bar might have to support. For example, if you are mounting acoustics panels, the Z bars will only need to support the weight of the panel. However, if you are mounting cabinets or store fixtures, you should consider the weight of the store fixture plus the weight of what product might be displayed on the store fixture. As mentioned above, aluminum Z bars can support a great deal of weight, but Z bars are only as strong as the anchor or mounting hardware used as well as the material it is being anchored into. This is also the ideal time to review what your anchor/fastener will be. If you are mounting directly into drywall or sheetrock, the Z bar won’t be able to support an excessive amount of weight. You will need to use the strength of the wood or metal studs behind the sheetrock or use several Z bars to distribute the weight of the object you are mounting across multiple wall studs.

Next, we recommend reviewing any special Z bar specifications your project may require, such as special length, drill holes, or custom color requirements. Confirming these specifications during your research process could save you a great deal of money and time, which leads to the last but equally important factor every builder should consider: the budget and time of the project they are working on. Projects on a tight schedule may cause the cost to increase and projects with low budgets could drag out the project due to longer lead times.

Eagle Mouldings Aluminum Z Bars

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