Why Use Slatwall Solutions in Retail Environments

Outfitting your retail store with the best layout and fixtures is a key component to achieving your brand goals.  Projecting your ideal image to retail customers is important and need to ensure you use the right materials to make your vision come to life. You desire something high quality and sturdy that also looks professional and will last the test of time through ever-changing store layouts, stylistic changes, and inventory updates. If that sounds like you, then your answer is an aluminum slatwall solution. Find out why slatwall is one of the most popular store displays and fixtures used by retailers around the world.

What is Slatwall?

Slatwall, also known as slotwall, is a building material that is characterized by horizontal grooves, or slats, used in creating wall coverings or display fixtures. The most common slatwall solution typically consists of 4′ x 8′ wood panels that are configured to accept a variety of merchandising accessories including hooks, shelves, and bins. Slotwall is available in various forms that range from freestanding fixtures to full wall panels and wall panel systems. One major benefit of slatwall is that it allows a means to update the slatwall system in minutes without using tools.

Slatwall solutions are often re-enforced with or accented with aluminum slatwall insert extrusions which are made to slide into the grooves that have been pre-cut into the wood panel. Additionally, the aluminum slatwall insert solutions ensure any stylistic colors and choices are achieved as well as increasing the strength and longevity of the slatwall system. Oftentimes there are specific cutter bits that attach to your router or shaper that perfectly match the aluminum slatwall insert dimensions to ensure the fit is correct and your display will be secure.

Slatwall fixtures or systems can also be constructed entirely of extruded aluminum. In this case, lengths of aluminum slatwall extrusion interlocks or stacked on top of each other to create a solid wall or fixture made of aluminum rather than a combination of wood and aluminum inserts. These stackable aluminum slatwall solutions can be anodized, powder-coated, or finished to your specifications, therefore, supporting the stylistic choices of your space.

Aluminum Slatwall is Durable

Aluminum slatwall solutions possess an impressive life expectancy, are hard to damage, and can hold heavier merchandise than other kinds of fixtures, particularly when paired with aluminum slatwall inserts or when using an aluminum stackable slatwall system.

Aluminum Slatwall is Affordable

Slatwall’s versatility in appearance and function allows excellent bang for your buck. The no-frills, basic to custom slatwall systems, all are very affordably priced and can work to showcase all your products allowing for a single solution for your space.

Slatwall Can be Customized

Aluminum is a highly customizable material. Depending on your project’s budget, many higher-end materials can be used to help achieve the desired custom look. Between its array of sizes, finishes, and accessories available, it is possible to create a display or fixture unique to your company’s brand. The aluminum feature of your slatwall solution can be custom-finished, cut to length, and fabricated per your specifications.

Slatwall is Versatile

Aluminum slatwall and slatwall systems may be constructed and used in wall displays, storefronts, or even stand-alone kiosks. Aluminum slatwall solutions can be used to display candy, clothing, body care products, brochures, and so much more. It can even be used in your shop or garage for organization, storage, and display!

Aluminum Slatwall Solutions at Eagle Mouldings

Eagle Mouldings is a manufacturer, stocking warehouse, and supplier of standard, custom and OEM aluminum slatwall, slatwall inserts, and cutter bits. Our custom and OEM aluminum extrusion services allow us to meet any need our customers may have. We have aluminum slatwall inserts and aluminum stackable slatwall solutions ready to ship as well as the capabilities to custom finish or fabricate the aluminum slatwall extrusion to your specifications. Eagle Mouldings also offers cutter bits and aluminum end caps to make sure your finished product has the professional look you desire.

At Eagle Mouldings satisfied customers are our passion. We strive to provide fast, friendly, and helpful customer service. We supply only the highest quality extruded slatwall, slatwall inserts, and cutter bits. Each order is professionally packed and shipped to anywhere in North America. Contact the Eagle Mouldings team today or shop our easy website to get started on your aluminum extrusion project.