Stackable Slatwall and Slatwall Inserts Create More Flexibility

slatwall slats

Aluminum slatwall is one of the most versatile display mechanisms used today for retail store fixtures, store displays, kiosks, homes, and businesses. Slatwall is most sought after by retailers and businesses because of the variety of forms aluminum slatwall can take on. The versatility of aluminum commercial slatwall comes from horizontal grooves in the wall professionally known as slat, where the aluminum slatwall inserts come from. These grooves can be paired with many hanging options such as shelving, baskets, hooks, pegs, and more to display a variety of goods and products. Aluminum slatwall is also the go-to one-stop-shop building material for retailer product display systems because it is extremely durable, very affordable, requires zero tools for assembly meaning it’s user-friendly, and most importantly you can completely customize aluminum slatwall to create unique product displays that grab your customers’ attention.

The possibilities are truly endless with stackable slatwall and aluminum slatwall displays, continue reading as we discuss creative ways you can use aluminum slatwall for your business.

Slatwall Options

In a retail setting, aluminum slatwall is most commonly used in slatwall panels that are typically fixed to a stationary wall and freestanding fixtures such as kiosks, gondolas, towers, and countertop spinners. The type of slatwall that will satisfy your display needs will largely depend on the types of products you are selling and the floor space you have available.

Aluminum Slatwall Panels

Aluminum slatwall panels are fixed wall displays that can be mounted in a single unit display or multi-panel units spanning the length of the entire wall. Aluminum slatwall panels can also be configured with horizontal grooves (most common) or vertical grooves for specialty products.

Whether you decide on a single or multi-unit display once your aluminum slatwall panel is installed you can begin constructing product display systems for your store. Because the multi-level grooves of the slatwall panel can fit several hanging instruments your product layout can be an ever-evolving layout that changes as new products come and go. This level of flexibility is unmatched in other hanging and mounting applications such as z clips and panel hangers which are more permanent mounting options.

Aluminum slatwall panels are also the perfect option for retail locations with limited floor space keeping the sales floor decluttered and open for browsing. Another great benefit of slatwall panels is they allow you to display your products at different levels. Meaning you can prioritize the placement of your products by placing your most popular products at eye level and less popular products towards the bottom of the panel, thus maximizing your sales potential.

Freestanding Fixtures

If your retail establishment has more floor space and requires a little more creativity and flexibility than fixed slatwall panels, free-standing commercial slatwall displays are perfect for you. Freestanding slatwall displays come in a variety of floor options that will allow you to creatively display your products while maximizing your sales per square inch. The most common forms of freestanding aluminum slatwall displays are gondolas and spinning towers. Gondola slatwall displays are perfect for displaying large products on shelving units that can be shopped on 4 different sides by customers. Spinning tower displays are more slender displays that can showcase large amounts of smaller products on pegs, hooks, or shallow shelving.

What makes gondola and spinning towers so flexible in retail applications is the mobility they provide businesses. The small frame structure and minimal footprint of freestanding slatwall displays mean business owners can quickly transform the look and feel of their sales floor with very minimal effort required.

Stackable Slatwall Inserts and Slatwall Inserts from Eagle Mouldings

Regardless of your commercial or retail store fixture and display needs, Eagle Mouldings has several options of slatwall and slatwall inserts available for any project. If we don’t have a specific slatwall insert that meets your requirements our professionals will assist you in engineering and creating one that will fit your needs. We also offer stocking programs for large repeat commercial users of stackable slatwall and slatwall insert users. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal.