Don’t Forget to Include Corner Guards in Your Project

Eagle Mouldings Corner Guards Polished

In any home improvement project, it is important to include corner guards in the final design. Aluminum corner guards may be a small detail in the grand scheme and can be easily overlooked in the design process, but these wall protectors can have a big impact on maintaining the look and appearance of your project. Aluminum corner guards are extruded from aluminum, available in many sizes, and are designed to easily install on the corners in your home or business. Installing corner guards can help prevent corners and walls from getting damaged by protecting them from everyday objects like office chairs and carts which can damage and devalue your property.

Aluminum corner guards are the most effective way to reduce the maintenance cost of your project and an easy way to avoid time-consuming renovations and repairs. If you are interested in protecting your investment, follow along as we discuss why installing aluminum corner guards should be part of every residential and commercial project.

Residential Uses of Aluminum Corner Guards

Protective corner guards can be used in residential and commercial buildings but are especially useful in preventing everyday wear and tear in residential properties. Corners are the most susceptible areas of your home because they are constantly being pushed up against and ran into objects. Over time, corners will accumulate little nicks, dings, and dents which can add up to a costly repair in the future if not prevented now. For homes that have wallpaper incorporated into the design, damage to the corner can also cause the wallpaper to rip or start peeling, which can be quite unsightly for homeowners.

Other residential buildings like apartments, condominiums, and multi-family housing experience a great deal of damage due to high foot traffic, maintenance staff, and tenants. These types of residential housing units often transfer ownership dozens of times throughout the building’s existence as residents move in and out which can subject them to serious damage from the constant moving of furniture. Adding aluminum guards to the corners of walls of living spaces in residential buildings will keep your walls looking great for years to come.

Commercial Uses of Aluminum Corner Guards

Aluminum protective corner guards are also perfect for commercial buildings like office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and medical facilities. Each of these businesses receives large amounts of traffic in entry foyers, hallways, stairways, and elevators from delivery personnel, employees, visitors, and customers. By using aluminum corner guards, you will significantly reduce the daily impact on the corners and walls of your building which will reduce the overall cost to keep your decor looking like new for longer.

Other Benefits of Corner Guards

Aluminum corner guards not only protect your corners from tenants and customers, but they also protect your customers and tenants from potential injury. High traffic corner areas that are not protected by corner guards can quickly become a hazard if they sustain a lot of damage that’s left unrepaired. By design, corners can be slightly hazardous because they are sharp, however, when they are dented and scraped up, they can form hangnails and snags that can catch on clothing or even injure customers as they walk by.

Choosing A Strong Material for The Corner Guard Is An Investment Worth Making

When looking for the right kind of corner guard to buy, it is important to remember that over time these guards will have to withstand high levels of impact, and certain materials will not protect the wall completely. Some companies make their corner guards from materials such as Lexan, a polycarbonate material that is used on cars due to the almost unyielding structure of the material. A reputable manufacturer will offer high-quality materials that can extend the life of the wall it’s protecting as well as the guard itself.

Aluminum Corner Guards from Eagle Aluminum 

At Eagle Mouldings, we understand that protecting your investment is key, whether you’re designing a commercial building or residential property, corner guards are essential for maintaining the aesthetics and beauty of your original design. For decades, customers have relied on Eagle Mouldings to provide high-quality aluminum extrusions that are guaranteed to perform at the highest level. Our metal corner guards are no exception. Our corner guards are available in multiple anodized finishes that will match your project’s look and feel. You can rely on Eagle Mouldings to provide high-quality aluminum corner guards to protect your walls and corners from damage.

Not only will you enjoy a better-looking work environment, but you will save money in costly repairs over time. If you are interested in aluminum corner guards for your next project, do not hesitate to browse our selection online or contact one of our knowledgeable customer service members to discuss your specific needs. With a wide variety of sizes and finishes, we know we can find you exactly what you’re looking for.