Aluminum Slatwall Inserts vs Stackable Aluminum Slatwall

Stackable Aluminum Slatwall and Inserts

Slatwall, or slotwall, has been used for over 50 years across a variety of industries for many project requirements. Common uses of slatwall include store display fixtures, garage or tool organization, corporate offices, tradeshow booths, exhibits, and more. Stackable slatwall and slatwall inserts create additional storage and display systems that utilize accessories to hang or display virtually anything. The hooks and accessories can be changed or rearranged as needed to meet your current and future organization or display needs.

By using aluminum interlocking slatwall or aluminum slatwall inserts you can increase the longevity of your system and prevent damage to wood panels from frequent adjustments or the weight of heavy items. Aluminum slatwall systems are durable, affordable, versatile, and can be customized to fit your style, budget, and timeline.

The usage of slatwall adds an extra level of versatility to your environment and can increase your customer experience by displaying merchandise for optimum product exposure for increased sales. There are many types and styles of slatwall, but one of the largest stylistic choices you must make is whether aluminum interlocking slatwall or aluminum slatwall inserts would be best for your application.

Stackable Slatwall, Interlocking Slatwall

A stackable slatwall system offers an all-metal style as each aluminum extrusion interlocks or stacks on top of the next. This allows for a floor to ceiling aluminum slatwall appearance. The sleek appearance of the stackable slatwall can be customized by anodizing the aluminum or adding a powder coat finish of virtually any color to the aluminum which can elevate the appearance of your slatwall.

Using a 100% aluminum slatwall system also can add strength where a wood slatwall system may be lacking. For displays that are often changing and adapting to match current requirements, an aluminum stackable slatwall will last longer than many other types of material. Some aluminum stackable slatwalls are double-sided which increases the surface area of storage and display options on either side of the slatwall system. The double-sided slatwall system works great for trade show exhibits, store displays, retail displays, and more.

Slatwall Inserts

Aluminum slatwall inserts allow the use of a standard wood panel slatwall system. If you would prefer to have a wood or wood-grain slatwall, the aluminum insert strips would be a great choice for your project. A slatwall insert will fit into your slotwall and can serve as both an accent feature as well as a reinforcement of your slatwall panel which will increase the level of strength and prolong the life of your display or organizational system.

Anodized or powder coated slatwall inserts creates an accent feature in virtually any color you’d like. With various shapes of slatwall inserts you can pick the style that would best fit your slatwall panel or project.

Eagle Mouldings also stocks the corresponding cutter bits in both diamond tip and carbide tip for your router to ensure that the slatwall panel will accept your choice of aluminum slatwall insert.

 Stackable Slatwall and Slatwall Inserts from Eagle Mouldings

Eagle Mouldings has a wide variety of both stackable aluminum slatwall and aluminum slatwall inserts in stock and ready to ship. Looking for something more custom? Our customer service team is ready to quote a custom finish on our stackable slatwall extrusions or assist in creating a custom slatwall system to better match your needs.  Contact our knowledgeable customer service staff today with questions or for more information.