Aluminum Increases Safety and Durability of Specialty Vehicles

Eagle Mouldings Aluminum Specialty Vehicle Safety

Specialty vehicle manufacturers are tasked with the challenging mission to provide a safe, durable, well-handling vehicle that will perform in every situation, all at an affordable cost. Each specialty vehicle builder is focused on improving the strength and durability without sacrificing overall performance under all emergency conditions. It is no surprise to see why many large emergency vehicle manufacturers are switching to aluminum as their production material of choice. Aluminum provides emergency vehicle manufacturers with all the required advantages that are needed to create a reliable product.

Lightweight A major advantage of using aluminum over steel is the primary benefit that aluminum is a strong but lightweight material. Aluminum is approximately one-third the weight of steel, which means components can be made thicker and stronger while reducing the weight. Even lighter forms of steel, such as mild steel, may weigh the same as aluminum but are not as strong and more susceptible to equipment failures. Aluminum built vehicles can increase performance with the reduction of weight, allowing for quicker acceleration, shorter braking distances, and handle cornering better. Using aluminum can create a lower center of gravity, increase weight distribution, and allow for a smoother ride. Reducing the weight of a specialty vehicle can increase the maneuverability in difficult life-saving emergency response situations.

Durability A requirement for any mobile medical, public safety, ambulance, or fire truck is that they need to be durable for any situation or work environment. Aluminum is a perfect choice for specialty vehicles to help maintain the lifespan because it is naturally corrosion-resistant. Rescue and safety vehicles require the materials built into the truck to perform year after year. As the former president of Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally said: “pound for pound, aluminum is stronger than steel”.

Sustainability More manufacturers are looking at aluminum to be their primary metal as environmental policies become more demanding on specialty vehicle manufacturers. Aluminum is arguably one of the most efficient and sustainable manufacturing materials in the world. Aluminum is 100% recyclable. It is a material that can be recycled indefinitely and doesn’t lose any properties when melting down to its molten form. Aluminum offers many advantages to other materials creating a more fuel-efficient future, lowering energy costs and carbon emissions.

Cost-efficient With the many advantages of using aluminum in specialty vehicle applications over other materials, it all adds up to cost savings. With the reduction in overall weight using aluminum, it can save you money in fuel and maintenance costs. A vehicle can be made stronger with aluminum and able to haul larger payloads or travel longer distances. Since the material is corrosion-resistant, there will be less time maintaining the look and appearance of the vehicle and will retain greater resale value. For many public and government departments, that means less money must be invested in emergency vehicle upgrades or purchases because they will last and perform longer in service.

Specialty Vehicle Aluminum from Eagle Mouldings

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