Slatwall Inserts – Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Eagle Mouldings store fixtures

Slatwall Panels are a useful and popular solution for any merchandiser. You can turn your walls into an appealing and attractive display to showcase all types of products or specialty items based on your business ranging from clothing and apparel to shoes to tools and anything in between. Slatwall Inserts allow you to create decorative stocking and display areas to make sure that everything in your retail space is visible to customers in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Add a Splash of Color
It’s time to liven up your store displays and fixtures with our slatwall inserts! Add a splash of color with anodized color inserts, enhance the appearance by adding stackable slatwall, or give a finished look with aluminum extruded edged molding. All our inserts are easy to install and remove at your convenience. Eagle Mouldings manufactures, warehouses, and supplies stackable aluminum slatwall, slatwall inserts, and cutter bits for the inserts we supply. We stock slatwall in standard mill finish, and can provide, upon request, nearly any anodized or powder coated color desired including satin or clear anodized, Brite-dipped, bronze or black.

Many Uses
Slatwall is typically used by commercial businesses that use store fixtures and store displays. However, many other industrial companies, including commercial and individual garage owners and even corporate offices have utilized slatwall to organize tools, gear, and equipment.

These slatwall systems allow users the ability to display, organize, hang, or store virtually anything. Eagle Mouldings slatwall inserts add strength to any panel and can help prevent damage to your existing panels from the heavyweight of items you are displaying while adding a streamlined, artistically appealing style. Our inserts enhance any panel to which they are applied.

Slatwall inserts give your slatwall a professional and clean appearance, as well as additional durability.

Regardless of your commercial or retail store fixture and display needs, Eagle Mouldings has several options of slatwall and slatwall inserts available for any project. If we don’t have a specific slatwall insert that meets your requirements our professionals will assist you in engineering and creating one that will fit your needs. We also offer stocking programs for large repeat commercial users of stackable slatwall and slatwall insert users. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal.