Applications for Aluminum Round Rod


One of the many benefits we have at Eagle Mouldings is the opportunity to work with designers, architects, project managers and contractors completing all different types of projects in a wide number of industries.

One of our most in-demand products is the aluminum round rod we stock, which is also known as aluminum round bar or round stock. We stock a wide selection of different sizes from 3/16 to 2” diameter. We are also able to supply larger sizes if requested. Our round rod comes in different finishes, including a standard mill finish or clear satin, which is a great option for exposed surfaces, and looks more like brushed aluminum. All of our aluminum rods are stocked in 12-foot lengths, which are the most commonly used in all applications and are easy to handle.

Common Applications For Aluminum Round Rod


As all aluminum round rod is a solid, the strength to weight ratio makes it a perfect alloy and material for the aerospace industry. Frames, support systems and components on many aircraft are made from round rod, and the additional corrosion resistance and excellent stress resistance are also important considerations in this application.

Marine Construction

Everything from boat trailers to boat frames to components and design features on boats can be made, in part, from aluminum round rod. The same stress and corrosion resistance combined with lightweight and strength that makes it an important alloy in the aerospace industry also makes it a great choice on the water.

It is important to realize that aluminum is also naturally resistant to salt water corrosion, something that is problematic with many other types of alloys.

Trailers, Fabrication and Structures

In trailers and for RVs, or in any type of structure or fabrication where strength, weight and durability are a factor, round rod is a great choice. You will also find it on signs, in furniture manufacturing and even in fixtures and displays both inside and outside.

Aluminum Round Rod From Eagle Mouldings

Different sizes and alloys in aluminum round rod are carefully selected based on the specific application. We work with professionals to ensure they get just the aluminum components they need for their project, including requirements they may have for any size of round rod.