Aluminum Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

Aluminum Cold Aisle Containment Eagle Mouldings

Cold aisle containment solutions are needed in data center construction or server farms to keep the servers at an optimum performance temperature. The cool air in these cooling system technology solutions works to prevent overheating and data corruption. Aluminum tubing for aisle containment systems optimizes capacity by separating the cool air from the high-level exhaust air preventing servers from overheating. 

How Aluminum Cold Aisle Containment Works 

By bypassing cold air into the room and preventing recirculation of hot air into data center cooling systems, it reduces cooling energy consumption and enables higher levels of density. The goal with cold aisle containment is to keep the temperature between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If these servers are not kept at the optimal temperature it reduces the lifespan and performance of your equipment. These cooling system solutions maximize efficiency by cooling and removing the heat produced by data storage and processing equipment.

The need for cold aisle containment solutions is rapidly growing as the need for data centers continues to grow at a rapid rate. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft  use every inch of data center cooling systems available. With the data being stored in tight knit areas, it is important that the containment solution is staying cool and keeping servers from overheating. If not stored properly, it can become costly and difficult to keep cool. Aluminum extrusions are used in the framework of these data centers. 

Cold aisle containment systems offer: 

  • Focused cooling at the rack
  • Cools higher temperature loads 
  • Minimizes cold and hot air mixing

Reducing energy consumption and maximizing your operating costs can greatly increase your ROI. By not storing your data at optimal temperatures with data center cooling systems, you are throwing away money.

Aluminum Tubing -Corner Assembly

Our aluminum tubing is designed and manufactured to be used with our engineered nylon connectors created for cold aisle panel frames and framing systems. The panel frames on our data center cooling systems use a 1” aluminum square tube with a double flange for holding in data panels and are constructed and held together with our engineered 1” nylon tubing connectors.

  • The aluminum tubing connectors are used as a corner for assembly. Click here to view the product. 
  • The nylon connector and Plexi material go in channels of tubes to make a completed panel. Click here to view the product. 

To learn about how to set up your aluminum cold aisle containment solution, click here

Benefits of Using Aluminum 

The physical barrier in cold aisle containment systems is often created using an aluminum framing system. The use of aluminum finishes in cold aisle containment construction is attractive  because it is lightweight, low-maintenance, and affordable. 

Here are some other benefits of using aluminum finishes in cold aisle containment systems: 

Lightweight: Aluminum is about one-third the weight of steel, iron, brass, and copper.

Low Maintenance: Naturally resistant to corrosion, does not require a protective layer.

Affordable: Cost-effective material and less expensive than other metal forming processes.

Attractive Finishes: Aluminum can be anodized, polished, buffed.

Time-to-Market: Creating aluminum tooling is easier, reducing lead times in manufacturing.

Malleable: Aluminum is easy to form, extrude, and machine into complex shapes.

Non–toxic: Commonly found material and used safely.

Paramagnetic: Avoids interference of magnetic fields when used in magnet x-ray devices.

Precise: Can conform to very tight or close tolerances.

By using Eagle Mouldings Aluminum extrusions, it offers you a more finished look while still being durable. To read more about the benefits of using aluminum for data airflow management, click here.

Eagle Mouldings and Data Center Cooling Systems 

At Eagle Mouldings we are the designer, manufacturer, stocking warehouse, and supplier of custom & OEM aluminum extrusions for the cold aisle containment industry. Data protection has never been more important. Have a solution you can count on. 

Eagle Mouldings is committed to creating solutions with aluminum extrusions that allow for simplistic yet precise airflow management in data center cooling systems.