Aluminum Hat Channel Installation

Aluminum hat channels can be used in a variety of applications and are heavily sought out by all types of builders because of their strong and lightweight functionality. Hat channels and resilient soundproof clips are some of the most affordable ways to level out surfaces with an aesthetically pleasing finish. They serve the same purpose as typical metal and steel channels but at a much lighter weight. Extruded aluminum hat channels are easy to cut and can be ordered to any dimension that you need making it convenient for any project. 

Where to Install Extruded Aluminum Hat Channels

Common Applications in Construction 

Aluminum hat channels and resilient soundproof clips can be used in multiple ways by general contractors. From ceilings to floors, here are some ways general contractors can use hat channels.

  • Curtain wall construction
  • Wall Cladding systems
  • Rainscreen application
  • Furring channels 
  • Floors
  • Decking 
  • Drop ceiling applications and ceiling assemblies
  • Structural applications 

Soundproofing Techniques Using Hat Channel  

When hanging acoustic tiles and panels, you want a mounting system that won’t add too much additional weight making aluminum hat channels ideal for soundproofing projects. 

  • Hanging acoustic tiles and panels
    • Acoustic Drop Ceilings
    • Acoustic Wall Panels

Learn more about soundproofing techniques here

Hat Channel Uses in Drywall 

When applying drywall to an area, hat channels are used as a metal furring channel to create an even and level surface area and add extra support. A popular aluminum hat channel size is 2-3/4″ x 7/8″ Tall, see our item number EAM-3571.

  • Interior walls 
  • Features hemmed edges
  • Can overlap wires and screws
  • New construction or renovations

Masonry Hat Channel Applications

Ideal for masonry wall applications because of their durability and lightweight. 

  • Exterior wall cladding applications
  • Architectural curtain wall applications

Pontoon Manufacturing 

Aluminum hat channels and resilient soundproof clips can be used to frame the flooring of a pontoon boat. The naturally oxidized coating makes it corrosion and rust resistant for marine applications. . 

  • New or refurbished pontoon boats
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish 

Signage and Retail Applications 

Retail organizations, stores, sign companies use aluminum hat channels to provide a strong and durable base for the installation of signs and panels. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant material that can handle outdoor environments, and maintains a pleasing finish for any brand.

  • Wall mount signage, exterior and interior
  • Billboards, promotional signs 

Methods of Installing Hat Channels

With the right guidance and measurements, aluminum hat channels are very simple and straightforward to install for any application. The most common application is for ceilings and floors, here is how they can be installed. (Find a little more information)


Hat Channels are installed horizontal to the floor and they should not exceed 24” in spacing from each other. 


Typically, hat channels are installed perpendicular to the joists. They usually should not  exceed 24” in spacing from each other. 

Most Common Size of Hat Channel

Our aluminum hat channel extrusions and components are available in many different sizes, heights, and thicknesses to meet a variety of needs or applications. The most used hat channel size is typically a ⅞ furring channel or a 1½ furring channel.

Thickness, length, and height will all depend on the project. The more load capacity needed for the project, the thicker your hat channel will need to be. The hat channel can be cut to any specific length for metal furring installation.

Eagle Mouldings has a wide selection of in-stock hat channel sizes in addition to offering the creation of custom sizes to fit the specific needs of your project. If your job requires custom sizes, we have the expertise to design and deliver custom hat channel sizes for aluminum wall frames in just a few weeks if needed. 

Click here to learn more about the sizing of hat channels.

Benefits of Aluminum Hat Channels

Besides being a strong but lightweight material, extruded aluminum hat channels and resilient soundproof clips also provide other benefits. Our aluminum hat channels are resistant to fire, moisture, rust, mold, and other corrosion because of it’s naturally oxidized coating. Aluminum hat channels or furring channels allow for moisture and air to pass freely behind. These factors make our hat channels ideal for both interior and exterior applications. 

Many contractors and builders are drawn to aluminum hat channels because they are: 

  • Lightweight. ⅓ the weight of steel hat channels. 
  • Corrosion-resistant. Invest in a product that will maintain its integrity over time.  
  • Customizable. Aluminum hat channels are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Easy installation. Using an aluminum hat channel allows for easier and quicker installation for any application. Installation can be done professionally, or with ease by virtually anyone under the right instruction.


Our aluminum hat channels allow builders to reduce their costs without sacrificing strength and finish their projects in less time. Send over a drawing to our, give us a call at 1-(888) 687-4085, or submit an online request to our Eagle team, and one of our experienced customer service members will be happy to get the custom aluminum extrusion process started.